4 Things Only Court Reporters Can Understand

Legal video specialists

Deposition reporters are there to witness the magnificent and mundane in the court room. Court reporters can agree, these ten things are facts of life for those who call a court room their reporting beat!
1) Sometimes evidence is hilarious and your poker face is always triumphant
The evidence supporting that you didn’t drink and drive is that you are on a gluten-free diet and you were obviously leaving a brewery? You wanted to laugh but kept it together. Bravo, deposition reporter, bravo.
2) You’ve daydreamed of shooting NFL video rather than deposition video
Not every case has you on the edge of your seat like the O.J. Simpson case did. Some cases are straight-up snooze worthy. You won’t deny that, a time or two, you imagined yourself shooting an NFL game or a some kind of Kardashian tape.
3) If a suitor asks “what are depositions?”, you’re out
Sure, it was fun to explain during your initial training but three years in, you’d be happy not to explain your job to a single other person. Look on the bring side, if they don’t know what you do, maybe they haven’t spent too much time on trial. That’s not such a bad sign!
4) Your friend who works at a nonprofit could take a lesson from how philanthropic you are
Suzy with Habitat for Humankind or whatever thinks you make the buko bucks and treats you as if you’re rolling in it. Oh, if only Suzy know. Your salary is right there next to hers and while she thinks she’s the only one saving the world, you’re pretty content with your societal contributions. After all, you write the transcripts for legal video depositions and close captioning in court couldn’t be done without you! Could you imagine the Judge Mathis show without the subtitles? America would be in shambles.
Keep fighting the good fight, deposition reporters! Your beat is the court room and you are rocking it.
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