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What’s a Bank Levy?

Your bank has just notified you that they will levy your bank account. The Youtube channel Scura Law gives some helpful advice on what you can do going forward, so check out the video below!

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First, take a moment to step back and realize that it might not be your fault. The law says that you must receive a warning before any money is taken. This will give you time to explore options.

Before filing a lawsuit, check to see if you owe creditors any money in the meantime. It’s crucial to make sure that you have a legitimate reason to take your case to court.

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What can help right away is discussing your issue with a bank levy attorney. Such professionals will help you understand if the situation is an actual problem, or just a mistake on your bank’s part. This can save you money in the meantime.

However, in the event that your bank account was in fact levied, it’s all the more important that you gather advice from a bank levy attorney. Before creditors are given the money, it must be held for a period of time. By going to court before then, the money can be earned back.

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