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What Size Settlement Can My Car Accident Lawyer Get For Me?

The video talks about people who go to a car accident lawyer. It answers the question of how much a person’s case is worth. There is no ballpark estimate of how much an individual client will receive.

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Each client receives a settlement based on various factors. The lawyer collects a variety of information and then creates a target settlement request amount. One factor that affects the settlement amount is medical expenses. That’s why the client needs to bring medical bills to the lawyer for the consultation. Automotive repairs are another factor that can play into a client’s settlement. Lost work wages are also calculated into the settlement amount request.

The percentage of fault is something that the attorney will consider as well. Some states have a rule where they might still award a plaintiff with a settlement, but they will only pay for the portion of fault that doesn’t belong to the plaintiff. For example, a plaintiff who is 40 percent responsible for an accident will only receive $60,000 of a $100,000 settlement.

The potential for a client to get a large sum of money is prevalent. However, no estimate can be given until the individual sees an attorney and gives that person all the necessary documentation.

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