How Do Personal Injury Accident Attorneys Calculate Their Settlements

How does a personal injury accident attorney calculate pain and suffering from a personal injury? This video defines what pain and suffering are and how a monetary amount is applied to this part of a personal injury.

Pain and suffering also referred to as general damage is a wide-sweeping term that a personal injury accident attorney can define for a jury. This important part of a personal injury claim can be defined in many ways.

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Pain and suffering can be actual pain and physical limitations that affect the victim’s lifestyle and ability to do the things they used to do. It can also be the emotional aspects of the injury and mental suffering.

There is no scale to determine at what rate pain and suffering should be calculated. However, an attorney can explain to a jury how the injury has impacted the victim and make a suggestion for what type of settlement would be fair. An experienced attorney can calculate an amount that is in line with the pain and suffering laws.

Watch this video to learn how pain and suffering can impact a victim’s life, what type of categories there are of pain and suffering, and how a personal injury attorney can calculate damages and present it to the court.


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