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What is Crop Insurance?

The video explains crop insurance and what it is. It also talks about how crop insurance works and why it’s necessary to have separate hail insurance for the crops.

Crop insurance is a special type of insurance that protects agricultural workers in the case of a natural disaster. There are two primary types of insurance for crops.

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One is hail insurance, and one is multiple peril insurance. The multiple peril insurance covers a variety of incidents and conditions like excessive heat or moisture and deep freezes that can occur. One vital fact to remember is that the person must secure the insurance before planting for the coverage to be effective.

Hail insurance is strictly for the damage caused by hail storms. The hail coverage is a separate policy that the worker must buy from a private insurance company. The other type of insurance is subsidized by the government.

Crop insurance has a premium that the insured party must pay each month. However, because the government subsidizes it, its costs will most likely be significantly reduced. Interested parties can talk to an agent about applying for this coverage. Again, it must be purchased before the individual plants for it to be an effective method of coverage.

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