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Essential Steps to Finding the Best Divorce Attorneys

In this informative YouTube video, Rob Rosenthal of conducts insightful interviews with divorce attorneys Heim Steinberger and John Doe. Heim emphasizes the dual importance of technical expertise and presentation skills in a divorce attorney.

Clients are advised to observe a lawyer’s professionalism, mastery of the subject, and ability to explain legal concepts during consultations. Key qualities include truth-telling, belief in the client’s case, and the development of a compelling theory of the case.

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In the subsequent segment, attorney John Doe underscores a lawyer’s focus on legally significant factors and highlights the crucial client-lawyer relationship. While acknowledging the challenges clients face in evaluating courtroom performance, Doe suggests looking for signs of expertise such as bar association involvement, publications, and lectures. Clients are encouraged to assess a lawyer’s care, attention, and courage in practice.

The video concludes with New York City attorney Keim Steinberger stressing the importance of selecting an experienced divorce attorney skilled in negotiation to avoid costly trials. He discusses the evolving trend of web conferencing for initial strategy sessions but encourages face-to-face meetings to evaluate confidence and trustworthiness. Personal recommendations and experiences are additional tips for finding the best attorney. The episode, produced by Ask The Lawyers, provides a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking the right divorce attorney, covering technical skills, personal qualities, and practical considerations.

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