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10 Situations When You Should Reach Out to Affordable Paralegal Services

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Whether you’re an individual or a small business owner, there are times when a lawyer’s expertise is indispensable. These lawyers can help you navigate the US legal system’s complexities. But with the hourly rate of lawyers at $313.00, according to Forbes Advisor, what do you do when the expense of legal services becomes a hurdle? That’s where affordable paralegal services come in.

Paralegals are legal professionals who assist lawyers with legal tasks. These include researching legal precedents, drafting legal documents, and communicating with clients. Paralegals work under the supervision of a lawyer but can also offer some legal services at a lower cost than traditional attorneys. Below are ten situations where reaching out for affordable paralegal services can be beneficial for you.

1. Filing For a Divorce

Divorce is a complex legal venture that can be emotionally and financially draining. Due to the legal complexities of divorce, one can’t handle it alone without a law degree. However, you may find yourself in a situation where hiring an attorney is not feasible due to the high cost of legal services or your current financial challenges. Regardless of your reasons, affordable paralegal services may be the best option. By enlisting these services, a paralegal will ensure your divorce proceedings run smoothly by doing the following.

First, they will assist you with preparing your divorce forms. This process involves drafting the petition for divorce and the accompanying documents. These include the Affidavit that verifies your petition, evidence documentation, your witness list, and their statements.

After preparing your divorce forms, the paralegal will instruct you when to file your divorce paperwork. Typically, it is best to wait a whole month before filing in case of a change of heart. The paralegal will also instruct you on how best to serve the spouse with divorce papers. Besides these, the paralegal can also assist you in filling out state-specific divorce forms to modify alimony payments.

Paralegals may have legal knowledge and expertise but are not qualified as divorce attorneys. Therefore, they can give you legal advice. However, they can’t attend court proceedings and advocate for your case in the same manner as a divorce attorney.

2. Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim

Accidents happen unexpectedly, and when they do, they can leave you with serious injuries. These injuries may require expensive medical bills, placing a significant financial burden on your shoulders. However, if the accident resulted from someone else’s negligence, you may have an entitlement to compensation.

In such a situation, you will need the legal assistance of car accident attorneys to pursue your claim. However, if you are already financially constrained, you may find the prospect of covering the legal costs untenable. Instead, you could opt for incomprehensive but affordable paralegal services.

A paralegal can help you pursue a personal injury claim by gathering all the relevant information. This data includes your medical records and evidence to support your claim. They will research and confirm insurance coverage by obtaining a copy of the police report with the insurance details. Once they have the details of the responsible party’s insurance company, they will help you draft demand letters. These letters will include details of the accident, your injuries, and the compensation you seek.

Your paralegal will advise you when and how to send these demand letters. If the insurance company fails to respond or denies your claim, they can also assist with filing a lawsuit on your behalf. Although paralegals can’t represent you in court, their services are valuable. Moreover, they don’t cost much, unlike opting for the best personal injury lawyer.

3. Drafting Legal Documents For Elder Care

Watching our loved ones slowly age can be a difficult and emotional process. It is especially true when they require assistance with their daily needs or are moving into an assisted living facility. At such times, several legal matters may arise which require clarification. For instance, you may need to draft a living will and power of attorney.

Instead of paying expensive legal fees to a family lawyer, you could opt for affordable paralegal services. A paralegal can help you draft a living will and power of attorney by providing the necessary forms. They can also assist you in understanding these legal documents and ascertaining their validity.

Additionally, paralegals can also assist with navigating government benefits, such as Medicaid or Social Security. They help you understand the eligibility requirements and assist with filling out forms and gathering necessary documentation. It can greatly relieve the burden on family members and ensure their loved ones receive the necessary benefits.

4. Navigating Estate Laws

Generally, estate planning is a complex process involving many legal intricacies. Therefore, you need legal assistance to guide you through the complexities of estate law. However, while hiring a lawyer might be more convenient, it can also be costly. Instead, affordable paralegal services can provide a practical solution.

According to the American Bar Association, paralegals can help you plan your estate in the following ways. Fast paralegals can help you draft or locate all the necessary documents for estate planning. These include trusts, wills, powers of attorney, stock certificates, deeds, and tax returns. They can also explain the legal implications of each and help you ensure they accurately reflect your wishes.

Besides collecting these documents, they will aid you in filling out all the necessary forms. They may also help you locate insurance policies to ensure you have a complete picture of the estate’s assets. They can also collect beneficiary information and notify them officially at an affordable fee.

5. Petitioning An Inheritance Claim

Inheritance claims are never easy. They typically require legal assistance to navigate the legal complexities involved. That’s especially true if you or another person is contesting a will or trust in court. However, this doesn’t mean you need to hire a lawyer at a high cost. Instead, you could opt for paralegal services that offer affordable rates.

With affordable paralegal services, you will have someone to conduct research and gather evidence for your case. These may include documents such as the will, trust, or other legal agreements. They will also assist with filling out any necessary court forms.

Paralegals can also help you file for a court order to delay funerals until the court resolves inheritance disputes. This process involves filing a petition for a temporary restraining order with your local probate court. While they cannot offer legal advice, their research and documentation services can impact the success of your inheritance claim.

6. Filling A Bad Faith Lawsuit

Sometimes disaster strikes, and you find yourself in the emergency room with no way to pay your medical bills. However, your insurance company denies or delays your claim without good reason instead of covering the expenses. According to the KFF organization, in 2021, insurance companies denied about 17% of all in-network claims.

In such a situation, hiring an expensive attorney for legal assistance may not be the ideal option. However, you could opt for affordable paralegal services to help you file a bad-faith lawsuit against your insurance company. With this option, you will get a paralegal to gather all the vital evidence supporting your claim in court.

They will also gather and organize other crucial documents like your medical records, bills, and correspondence with the insurance company. With their exceptional skills in preparing for a court battle, they will not leave any stone unturned. This factor will put you in a better position to claim your settlement and receive the necessary compensation.

7. Suing For Property Damage

Have you ever taken your car to your local auto dealer, but then it got damaged? They now refuse to accept responsibility for the damage. In such cases, affordable paralegal services can provide valuable assistance. But that’s just one example. Property damage claims span fires from electrical outlets, tornadoes, or crimes like someone painting your wall due to a fallout. According to the Insurance Information Institute, insured losses from tornadoes hit about $17 billion in the average year. Enlisting a paralegal for your suit will take the task of damage documentation and evidence gathering off your hands.

Your paralegal will take and document photographs of the damaged property and estimates of repair costs. They can also assist with filling out the necessary forms to file the lawsuit. Additionally, paralegals can ensure that all documentation is properly organized and submitted within the specified timeframe.

Moreover, if there were witnesses, your paralegal could interview them and document their statements for use in court. They can also prepare a legal brief, which you can study and use to argue your case. With their affordable services, you can confidently take your lawsuit to court.

8. Preparing A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or intentional actions is a devastating experience. Maybe your loved one was undergoing heart surgery and passed away due to a mistake by the cardiologist. In such cases, you may seek compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

However, you do not have to go through the hassle of pursuing a lawsuit alone. Affordable paralegal services provide the much-needed help and support in preparing your case. They will assist you in gathering any relevant documents that will prove negligence occurred.

Their research skills are vital during this period since they can help track down important evidence like medical records, witness statements, and expert testimonies. These are crucial in strengthening your case for a successful outcome in court. With their affordable services, you can focus on grieving for your loved one while they handle the legal aspects of your wrongful death lawsuit.

9. Navigating Immigration Processes

Dealing with immigration can be an arduous, complex, and time-consuming task. The mountain of forms and documentation to fill in can be overwhelming whether you are applying for a visa, green card, or citizenship. Here is when affordable paralegal services come in handy to help you navigate through the immigration processes.

Paralegals can help you fill out the necessary forms, including the tedious immigration forms. They can also obtain and organize supporting documents, such as marriage certificates or employment records. Additionally, they may help you gather evidence to support your case, such as letters of recommendation or proof of employment. It would mean getting a written contract to prove you are employed and maybe working at the local chiropractic clinic.

They can also assist you in preparing for interviews and provide crucial nonlegal advice on how to approach the interview. A paralegal will help you anticipate potential questions from immigration officers. With their affordable services, your chances of success in obtaining the desired outcome in your immigration process increase significantly. If you have a complicated immigration case or are simply overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paperwork waiting for you to fill out, consider seeking paralegal services.

10. Preparing For Child Support

In the unfortunate event of a divorce or separation, child support is a key issue that needs resolution. Calculating the appropriate amount of child support can be tedious and complex, especially when the parents are in disagreement. However, paralegals can assist you in this aspect at an affordable cost.

They can help you gather all relevant financial information from both parents, such as income, assets, and expenses. With their expertise in calculating support based on state guidelines, they can help ensure that you receive or pay the appropriate amount. Additionally, paralegals can assist in preparing necessary forms and documentation to support your child support case.

With their affordable services, you can handle this sensitive issue without breaking the bank. This option is beneficial for low-income families who would not be in a position to afford the high costs of hiring an attorney.

Paralegal services are valuable and cost-effective assistance in various legal matters. From small claims court cases to child support issues, paralegals can help you navigate the complex legal system and achieve a successful outcome. Their expertise, affordability, and efficiency make them desirable for individuals seeking legal assistance. If you find yourself in need of legal help but cannot afford the high fees of an attorney, consider enlisting a paralegal for their affordable services.

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