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How Fall Protection Equipment Protects Against Lawsuits

Fall protection gear keeps you safe and saves you from lawsuits. There are a bunch of things you can do to prevent falls. They call these steps the hierarchy of controls. One way is to get rid of the danger zone altogether.

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If not possible, use something to keep the worker from getting too close to the edge where they could fall off.


If those two aren’t possible, then fall arrest comes in as the last option. OSHA guidelines say tie workers if they go up more than four feet off the ground in most workplaces. Make that six feet in construction. Fall arrest systems are a good choice for unloading steel off a flatbed truck. There’s a big chance of falling in such scenarios.


A fall arrest system is made up of four parts. There’s the anchorage, body harness, and a connector that links the harness to the anchorage. You’ll find a special device that slows the workers down safely if they fall. It’s important to ensure the fall protection equipment fits the worker. And everyone must know how to use the equipment.


These measures aren’t just about ensuring safety; they keep managers out of hot water. If something goes wrong, managers could get hit with a lawsuit. But when you’ve got the right equipment, it shows the company takes safety seriously and does everything to protect its workers. So, fall protection gear is a win-win.


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