Why Prepaid Legal Services Help Everyone Afford a Lawyer


A personal lawyer is a handy thing to have on-call, but high prices make having a full-time legal advisor difficult for most people to afford. With prepaid legal services, anyone can get the legal advice or lawsuit they need with affordable, monthly payments. Prepaid legal services use fully licensed and trained legal professionals to help you get the representation you need at a fraction of the price charged by similar attorney network services. If you need help with one of the following issues, seek out prepaid legal services for affordable, professional attorneys.

Filling for divorce is one of the most difficult decisions to make because of the divorce process itself. Women file for nearly two-thirds of divorces across the globe. Typically, couples either decide on getting a neutral, third-party attorney to help with the divorce proceedings or they each get their own attorneys to fight for custody and finances in court. Thankfully, around 66% of divorced couples do not have children, so the process is much easier. Depending on the type of divorce you’re going through, you may benefit from hiring a prepaid attorney.

Medical Malpractice and False Advertising
Miracle pills and fake doctors once belonged in the realms of science fiction and horror, but cases of false advertising and medical malpractice are becoming ever more frequent. A recent Federal Trade Commission survey found that 4.8 million American consumers had their money stolen by fraudulent weight-loss products that were unapproved by the FDA. Many doctors further commit atrocities by misdiagnosing patients or prescribing unnecessary treatments in efforts to charge patients more money from insurance.

Driving and Vehicular Law
One of the biggest issues plaguing roads in the U.S. is drinking while intoxicated. Hundreds of people are killed every month because of drunk drivers; most of the time it is the drunk driver that survives the crash. There are nearly 1.4 million new DUI offenders every year; the dangers posed by these individuals on the roads justifies the severity of the law. A prepaid lawyer can help represent those charged of a DUI for less money than traditional lawyers, while providing the care and poise expected of legal professionals.

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