American Personal Rights Denver criminal defense attorney,Dui attorneys denver,Dwi defense attorney 300,000 Americains are Making This Deadly Mistake Every Night

300,000 Americains are Making This Deadly Mistake Every Night

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To most it seems intuitive, if you are going to imbibe alcohol, you shouldn’t drive. Yet over 300,000 people are reported to drive drunk each day. Most importantly driving impaired can cost lives. About half of drivers who were killed in car accidents tested positive for drugs and alcohol in their system. Secondly finding DUI representation can be expensive. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can be a costly affair, not to mention the time and money that can be lost from losing your license. If you are planning on drinking there are several strategies that can not only save your life or the life of another but also save you from having to find a DUI defense lawyer.

Decide who the Designated Driver is at the Beginning of the Evening

Many times when friends go out drinking they play the game of who is the most sober to drive at the end of the night. Unfortunately, deciding who should be the driver at the end of the night is a bad a idea. After several drinks, logic and reasoning is impaired, just because one of your friends might seem like they are the most sober, does not mean that their blood alcohol content is within the legal limits. Therefore, it is always best to decide who is going to be the designated driver at the beginning of the night to avoid any confusion throughout the evening.

Opt to Use a Taxi Instead of Driving

If you can’t rely on your friends for a sober designated driver than choosing to use a taxi service is the next best option. Not only is it convenient, but it is always a safe way to ensure that you will get to your destination. While many may object to the price of taking taxis home, it only takes a little bit more financial planning to budget it into your evening. The money that you would use on a cab is significantly less than the money you would use on a criminal defense lawyer.

Asses and Limit Your Drinking

By limiting your drinking you not only don’t have to worry about DUIs, but it is also better for your long term health. Over consumption of alcohol has been linked to cancer, liver problems and cognitive disorders. If you believe that your drinking might be out of control, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a health professional.

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