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Is Your Child Drinking Underage? Consequences Can Include Loss of License

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Although laws regarding drinking and driving do vary from state to state — a DUI lawyer can advise as to the specifics — generally each conviction carries court costs, lawyer fees, and a probationary period which is sometimes coupled with a loss of driver’s license.

Underage drinking is treated more harshly than adult offenders: in such cases, a much lower blood alcohol level is required to be considered impaired. Repeat offenders face possible jail time and permanent revocation of their drivers’ licenses.

lawyers know that drinking and driving can be very dangerous. Even a few drinks can make a significant difference in a driver’s ability to gauge road and weather conditions, the distance of other drivers from their vehicle, and could easily lead to accidents that could have been prevented had the driver not been drinking.

Any case involving the sale of alcohol to, or consumption of alcohol by a minor, is treated seriously in court and may result in the loss of college scholarships or the ability to graduate high school in a timely fashion.

Although the legal drinking age in America was 18 until 1984, currently it is 21 and people who are in high school or the early years of college are not permitted to consume alcohol publicly. The incidence of alcohol-related accidents among young people has decreased in the last 30 years, but experts recommend vigilance in order to avoid road accidents.

To find a good DUI lawyer, many people either consult the internet for customer reviews or ask friends and family who have had occasion to use a lawyer’s services. For personal injury, public intoxication, or an alcohol related offense, the right attorney should be able to offer extensive guidance, no matter the age of the client.

Many attorneys will offer a free consultation for interested parties, with fees being settled upon after the case is thoroughly discussed. They should be able to help the client fulfill any probationary requirements and make arrangements to pay court costs, and may help the client to find educational classes designed to prevent recidivism.

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