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Taking A Look At The Dangers Of Drunk Driving All Throughout the United States

As any DUI law firm knows, drinking while driving is an incredibly dangerous thing. With more than one million and three hundred thousand lawyers in just this one country of the United States, many have dedicated their careers to working at their nearest DUI law firm, as the work that is done by a DUI law firm is hugely important for reducing rates of driving while under the influence, especially when it comes to keeping former drunk drivers from violating the law again and driving while under the influence. But there is no doubt about it that at the current day, any DUI law firm in this country would attest to the fact that drunk driving and otherwise driving while under the influence has become more hazardous and more prevalent than ever before.

In fact, as many as three hundred thousand people will get behind the wheel of a car while drunk each and every day in this country alone. Unfortunately, only around four thousand of them will be arrested over the course of this same span of time and it is not until the typical habitual drunk driver has driven drunk for at least (on average) eighty times that they will be pulled over, statistically speaking. This means that there are, at any point in time, hundreds of thousands of drunk drivers on the road at any given second, a fact that any DUI law firm or DUI attorney can attest to as posing a huge risk to the people who are all around them – and, of course, to themselves as well.

The consequences of this are steep ones. Every single day, as many as twenty eight people will die in drunk driving related incidents alone. Sometimes, these deaths are that of the drunk drivers themselves – and this too is a great tragedy – but all too often the victims and those who die as a result of drunk driving are nothing more than innocent bystanders or people in other cars on the road. In addition to this, a new person will become injured in a car crash or car accident related to drunk driving for every two minutes that pass, no matter what time of the day or of the night that it might be. And while some of these injuries are minor, many are severe and even permanently life changing, as is often the case with the spinal cord injuries that are sustained in these events.

And drunk driving is certainly not the only type of case seen in the typical DUI law firm. A DUI law firm is also likely to see many car accident cases surrounding other types of intoxicating substances, and DUI attorneys know that these types of car accidents that occur under the influence of a substance that is not alcohol actually account for as many as sixteen percent of all car accidents all throughout the United States. It is important to understand also that both legal and illegal drugs can be the culprit of such accidents, and that this is why it is so very critical to always be aware of any adverse interactions you might be having with the medication that has been prescribed to you.

In addition to drunk driving and other cases that are handled by the typical DUI law firm, a criminal investigation is likely to occur in cases that involve distracted driving as well. Unfortunately, distracted driving is also becoming more of a threat than ever before, especially thanks to the widespread ownership and usage of smart phones here in the United States as well as in many other parts of this world. Distracted driving has become so widespread that here in the United States alone, it’s actually been estimated that up to six hundred thousand people, if not even more than that, are driving while distracted, no matter what time of day or night it might be.

These preventable car accidents and other such motor vehicle accidents can be truly devastating – there is simply no denying it. They can all too easily result in life changing injury or even in death in some cases.

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