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I Want To File For Divorce But I’m Worried About My Children What Do I Do?

Divorce for business owners

Filing for a divorce is a tiring and involving process. It’s also becoming increasingly common in the United States. With marriage on the decline and more law firms seeing couples applying for divorce, it stands to reason you’re far from alone in your struggle to get your life back into your own hands. A divorce attorney can walk you through the step-by-step process involved with filing for a divorce, from the paperwork to additional factors like child custody. If you haven’t hired a divorce lawyer before, keep on reading. Divorce for physicians, property distribution and physical health are all issues that will be explored in the list below.

How Common Is Divorce?

Divorce is becoming more common than marriage in the United States. Studies have shown divorce rates among couples over the age of 50 having doubled over the past 20 years and every year the country will see more than one million people having parents who have recently separated or divorced. Although February is commonly stereotyped as the month of love, it is also the month with the most divorce filings. American statistics suggest that, if there is no child in a marriage, the union is 5% more likely to end. This will be further examined below in terms of child custody and the impact it has on divorce for physicians or general filings.

Why Do People Divorce?

Whether you are seeking out assistance for divorce for physicians or are merely curious about where your current issues stand, there are many reasons people seek out the aid of a divorce lawyer. A Norwegian study released back in 2012 found a notable link among couples who divide household chores compared to those where the wife handles the housework — the former was twice as high to separate in the future than the latter. The top five reasons for divorce in the United States include, but are not limited to, ongoing communication problems, infidelity, financial issues, domestic abuse and a loss of interest.

What Are Side-Effects Of Divorce?

Research continues to explore the side-effects of divorce and the impact it has on all parties involved. A University Of Florence study found infidelity a common occurrence in many divorces, with the added side-effect of a higher risk of major cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks. The divorce rate for a first marriage is the lowest in the country, at around 41%, following behind a a second marriage at 60%. The divorce rate for a third marriage has exceeded 70% and is not expected to go down any time soon.

What If I Need Child Custody?

One of the most troubling elements of a divorce is that of child custody. This issue sees many hesitant to leave a neglectful, abusive or incompatible relationship for fear of harming any children involved. Children of divorced parents have been found to be twice as likely to drop out of high school as well as less likely to attend college. However, a marriage that is facing patterns of abuse should be addressed as soon as possible for the well-being of both recipient and child. Family divorce lawyers can help you with the process of filing for a restraining order and relocating as necessary.

What Questions Should I Ask A Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce for physicians and general filings should be handled with the aid of a divorce attorney. The divorce process involves filing divorce papers, assessing any relocation of property and addressing factors such as domestic abuse and child custody. This can seem complex and difficult in the midst of it all, that of which can be better mediated under the aid of a professional, sympathetic eye. Salespeople, agricultural engineers and optometrists have been found to have a higher rate of divorce than nearly all other professions. Whether or not all of the above applies to you can be better determined with an attorney. Contact your family law firm and ask them about your options today.

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