How To Prevent a DUI Charge

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If you want to make sure that you can get away from a DUI case, then you shouldn’t get a DUI charge in the first place. Don’t get us wrong, if you want to know what to do when you are charged with a DUI, there is plenty. Most notably, you should hire a criminal attorney or a DUI attorney. In addition, you should be preemptive and plan ahead before you get in trouble with DUI law.

  1. Get A Car Breathalyzer
    First, you should be careful and should get a car breathalyzer. This is something easy to do. These devices will be attached to your car and then make it so the car will not start if you are over the limit.
  2. Sleep it Off
    Another good idea would be to just sleep it off. Find a good spot to just take a moment and get all of that alcohol out of your system. Sleep in the back of the car and hopefully within a few hours you’ll be good.
  3. Get A Designated Driver
    This is the oldest trick in the book, and is still a valid way to go. Just make sure to get a designated driver. Have a friend agree to not drink and drive you both home. Then, agree to drive him or her home the next time you both go out.
  4. Call A Cab
    Next, if you want to escape DUI attorneys, consider getting a cab the next time you’re drunk. It’s inconvenient to have to come back for your car, but its more inconvenient to to to court for DUI. Think ahead.
  5. Just Don’t Drink
    Of course, the true and tested way for you to get out of DUI case is just to avoid one all together. Make sure that you never have to get arrested for a DUI by just not drinking and driving. It really is just that simple.

Try out these steps and you can avoid a DUI court case. If you somehow slip up, you can always hire a criminal attorney. But before it ever gets that bad, just employ some common sense and try out one of these tasks. You will thank yourself later for doing it. Good references.

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