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Family Law Attorneys Can Help Their Clients Work Through Difficult Situations

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At some point in their lives, most people need help with a legal issue. From filing the correct papers for a transfer of real estate to making sure that you have your will up to date, and from finding representation for a divorce to working with child custody lawyers, many transitions in life require the help of an attorney.
Instead of struggling to make sure that you are correctly addressing the needs and problems that you may have, it is far better to consult an attorney in the early stages of many situations.

  • Depending on the state where you live, there can be different waiting periods for legal divorces. Working with a divorce attorney can help you understand what the requirements are where you live.
  • On average, a complicated will may take over two years to probate. Even a simple will, however, may take at least six months.

  • You can often draft a will in as little as 10 to 15 minutes, but it is often a good idea to work with a legal representative so that you make sure everything is done correctly.
  • On average, divorce proceedings typically last about a year.
  • Unfortunatley, 80% of divorces are unilateral, meaning that one party wants the divorce and the other does not.

  • Non one want to think about end of life decisions, but most attorneys will tell you that it is better to have a will in place. Unfortunately, when asked why they do not currently have a will, 57% of survey respondents indicate that they simply ?haven?t gotten around to making one.?
  • Estimates indicate that 66% of couples who chose mediated divorce report that by the end they were satisfied with the outcome of the whole process.
  • Estate planning is typically started for one of these top three reasons: 59% to avoid probate; 57% to minimize discord among beneficiaries; 39% to protect children from mismanaging their inheritances.
  • Divorce attorneys can help families sort through the difficult process of both divorce proceedings and child custody cases.

  • An average divorce will cost somewhere between $15,000 and $30,000.

  • Long lasting marriages are less and less common. In fact, the probability of a first marriage ending in separation or divorce within five years is as high as 20%.
  • After 10 years, the probability of a first marriage ending in divorce is 33%.
  • Wills, living wills, and a durable power of attorney are the three most important legal documents for American to have in place, according to Business Insider.
  • Yearly, 1.5 million American children have parents who divorce.
  • Estimates indicate that 40% of households are headed by female breadwinners. As a result of these statistics, hundreds of thousands of men are eligible for alimony. Unfortunately, few of these men receive, let alone seek, this alimony.
  • Reaching an out of court settlement is achieved by as many as 95% of all divorce cases.

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