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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Opt Out of a Traditional Divorce

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, after being married nearly ten years, are calling it quits — and they are determined to do it without child custody attorneys, too. Paltrow raised eyebrows by announcing her intentions to consciously uncouple from Martin on her lifestyle website, Goop. Paltrow explained that she and Martin would forgo a traditional, uncontested divorce in favor of an uncoupling ceremony.

What is Consciously Uncoupling? What is an Uncoupling Ceremony?

Paltrow and Martin plan to split without any court proceedings and without mediation for child custody. The stars will also host an uncoupling ceremony, formally marking the end of their marriage. “[Paltrow] will wear a custom uncoupled pantsuit by Stella McCartney. It’ll be white. There will be an acoustic number by Chris, with the kids singing backup,” The Huffington Post reports. During the entire process, Paltrow and Martin plan to have their children’s best interests at heart, and they will remain civil for their children. Thus far, the couple has made good on that promise — even vacationing together after Paltrow’s infamous announcement.

What Does Everyone Have To Say About It?

What does the media have to say about it? Do family divorce lawyers think the new terminology — and non-traditional execution — will catch on? For now, the answer is no — and that’s because opinions on the unusual split remain highly divided. NPR heralded the decision as creative and unique. Others, however, feel that the ceremony may prevent the actress and singer’s children from processing and accepting all emotions involved. (It is okay to be upset when your parents break up!)

Will Paltrow and Martin’s conscious uncoupling catch on? For the time being, child custody attorneys and the media do not expect other celebrities or the general public to follow suit. Opinions on the matter, specifically on their unique approach, remain muddled and unclear. More information like this.

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