The Four Most Famous Expert Witnesses in Legal History

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Expert witness services are known today as professionals who are considered experts in their field who are hired to testify in court with their knowledge of a subject in hopes to educate the judge and jury during a trial.

However, did you know that lawyers have been using expert witness services for centuries? In England, the first recorded use of expert witness services was in 1782, when a court that has been reviewing litigation for the silting-up of Wells harbor in Norfolk listened to evidence from a leading civil engineer of the time.

Since then, more and more attorneys and their clients have learned how to find an expert witness to testify in their cases. Some of the most famous court cases in history have included testimonials from expert witness services!

Here are four of the most famous expert witnesses in legal history (in no particular order):

1. United States v. Driver 1921: This was the first published court case in which a psychologist expert witness’ testimony was heard, setting up an important precedent for the application of psychology in the courts from then on.

2. The George Zimmerman Trial: The now-infamous trial of George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin included the testimony of expert witness services. In 2013, a forensic expert witness testified that he found none of Zimmerman’s DNA under Martin’s fingernails.

3. The Oscar Pistorius Trial: The ongoing trial of Pistorius, the Olympian charged for the murder of his girlfriend, has used several expert witnesses to try to determine whether or not Pistorius is guilty or not.

4.The OJ Simpson Trial: Former football player OJ Simpson went on trial for the death of his ex-wife in one of the most publicized trials in legal history. The prosecution used dozens of expert witness services to analyze the forensics of the crime scene during the trial. More like this blog:


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