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When Is It Necessary to Hire a Family Law Attorney? Here Are Three Times You May Need to

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While marrying and having children can be a rewarding experience for many people, these situations are not without complications. Unfortunately, some marriages fall apart, and raising children together suddenly turns into a battle over custody and child-rearing. In some cases, it may even be necessary to hire a family law attorney to help you navigate these difficult times.

Several situations may call for the help of an attorney, especially if conflict has arisen in your relationship. Here are just three situations where you may have to hire a family law attorney:

    1. If you are getting a divorce… Whether you are looking to separate first or if you would like to proceed straight to a divorce, working with an attorney is the first step in moving forward. A divorce lawyer can walk you through the steps of the process, and your attorney will have knowledge of issues that crop up during a divorce, such as property division, spousal support, and child custody.

    2. If you have a disagreement over child custody… Whether you have just decided to divorce or not, child custody often isn’t solved between two parents alone. Most child custody disagreements require the intervention of a mediator, usually a child custody attorney or divorce attorney, especially if one parent may have to pay child support. It’s important to note that mothers and fathers have equal legal chance of obtaining child custody. Receiving an award of child support is not always equal, though: while 79.6% of custodial mothers receive an award for child support, only 29.6% of custodial fathers receive awards.

    3. If you or your children have been the victims of domestic violence… In addition to divorcing and seeking custody of your children, you may also want to pursue legal action if you and/or your children have been faced physical violence or other forms of abuse. In these cases, it is important to get somewhere safe and begin working with a lawyer as soon as possible. A domestic violence lawyer who practices family law will be able to help you with your other options, such separation, divorce, and sole custody of your children.

Have more questions about working with an attorney? Get in touch with a local family law attorneys in your area, or leave a comment below for more information. Learn more.

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