6 Steps to Follow After Getting a DUI

Anyone looking for local dui attorneys likely has found themselves in a good deal of trouble. There are options though so someone who is going before a judge over a first offense dui charge does have options they can consider. In many cases, a first time dui conviction will result in less severe charges than repeat offenses. This is provided any damage has been minor and there has been no loss of life as a result. Simply being pulled over for driving intoxicated will result in charges but these can be negotiated with the help of an attorney.

These legal experts can answer questions and provide guidance and help you understand the processes involved with these kinds of cases. They can clarify whether or not a person can only be charged with impaired driving or if multiple charges can be expected. They can also provide instruction to a person convicted of a dui for the first time and help them limit the negative impact the charges can bring. Get started today by contacting your local law firm and asking to speak with a dui legal advisor.

Finding a good lawyer

A DUI is a serious offense, and its consequences can be life changing. Knowing what to do when getting a DUI will help you to overcome these consequences. There are different DUI laws by state and knowing the DUI laws in your state will also help you to handle the process after getting one. To find out these laws, simply run a search on the Internet for, “state DUI laws” followed by your state. If you end up in the horrible situation of getting a DUI, follow the below steps.

Be respectful towards officers
The first thing you want to do is be respectful to the officers who pull you over. If you resist or do not comply with their requests, you might face even further charges. Being respectful to the officers will ensure a smooth process and help you to avoid further charges being added on.

Submit to testing unless you want your license suspended

It is best to submit to the testing that the officers request, such as a blood alcohol content test, as well as urine and Breathalyzer tests. Denying these tests may cause more problems depending upon your state. For example, the implied consent law in Ohio means that refusing to submit to these tests will result in fines and an automatic suspension of your license.

Find a DUI attorney
The next step, and possibly one of the most important steps, is to find a DUI attorney. Finding a good attorney can be difficult, however, it will likely save you money and possibly jail time. Even if you submitted to the chemical tests mentioned above, DUI attorneys can look for reasons that these might not be admissible in court.

Discuss your options with your DUI attorney
Once you find a DUI attorney, the next step is to discuss your options. If this is your first offense, there was no accident, and your BAC level was right on the line of legality, your attorney may be able to argue for a plea bargain. If this is not your first offense, you will definitely want a DUI attorney to avoid jail time.

Face any consequences and pay the fees

There are many consequences that come with getting a DUI. Typically, you will have to pay fines, pay to get your license reinstated and pay extra on your car insurance. You may even be required to take classes or see a specialist, which can cost even more money. DUIs also remain on your record, which can affect future employment and your ability to receive loans.

Drive safely
While a DUI can result from a lack of good judgment, the most important step after a DUI is to refrain from ever driving while intoxicated again. The consequences of a second or third DUI are much worse than your first. If you were lucky enough not to hurt someone the first time, ensure that you do not put yourself, or anyone else, at risk again, by driving sober.

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