American Personal Rights Do i need a personal injury lawyer,St louis auto accident lawyer,St louis wrongful death attorney Were You Injured on the Job? Here’s What You Should Know When You Look for a Personal Injury Attorney

Were You Injured on the Job? Here’s What You Should Know When You Look for a Personal Injury Attorney

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According to the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 4,405 workers died on the job in 2013. Before OSHA was created several decades ago, it was estimated that total on the job fatalities were around 14,000 per year. While the more recent number represents a significant decline, it is still a reminder that workplace safety issues can arise, and even injuries are still commonplace today while working.

If you have had an accident at work, you’re not alone. Each year there are still approximately three million non-fatal accidents that occur on the job, and many of them result from a lack of proper safety guidelines in the workplace. If you feel that your employers has violated labor laws or somehow put you at risk, or if they aren’t willing to pay your workers’ compensation claims, you might need to speak with a personal injury attorney.

How can a personal injury attorney help you with your workers’ compensation claims? An attorney will make sure that you receive the payments you are entitled to. If you were a whistle blower on your employer and reported a safety violation, an attorney will also ensure that you are not retaliated against.

But how do you know when to call a personal injury attorney for help after an accident? The best way to evaluate these scenarios is to think about how severe of an accident you have had. If you have been left with expensive medical bills, for example, then your attorney will ensure that you get the treatment you need.

Some people may avoid hiring a workers’ compensation attorney because they are afraid of incurring yet another fee. However, this is only a concern for you if you hire the wrong lawyer. Most attorneys these days will work on a contingency basis, meaning that you only pay them if you win your case. This means that you should have plenty of money in a settlement to receive the care you need and pay your legal fees.

If you have more questions about working with a workers’ compensation lawyer, be sure to meet with one and discuss the particulars of your incident. For general questions, leave a comment below.

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