What to Do When the End is Near

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It’s not really something that too many people actually enjoy talking about, but having a will in place is very important. It is something that is infinitely easy to put off, but who is actually prepared for the day they die? Better to have it done then the disaster that could unfold if you happened to pass away before everything was squared away. Legal services that help put your affairs in order can give you the peace of mind that things will go smoothly in the time following your death. People need sufficient time and space to grieve their loss and celebrate the life of the departed. During that time, the last thing anyone needs is to attempt to make sense of an unsorted estate. By contacting a will lawyer for legal services surrounding these details, close family and friends are spared that discomfort.

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A little more than half of Americans, 51%, between 55 and 64 years old, still have not taken the time to write up a will. And of all Americans, 64% do not have a will in place in the case of their death. Not many people will be given a whole lot of time to sort things out in the days or hours before they die, and that’s not something you want to waste the last bit of your life doing, if you do happen to be given a heads up. And if you have a significant amount in assets, in the $100,000 range and higher, it could be worthwhile to also have a trust, in order to assist in minimizing estate taxes and to avoid the hassles of probate, which would include validating, inventory, appraisals, and court appearances, among other things.

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Another thing that many people put off thinking about is a living will. Having a power of attorney to allow someone you trust to handle things if something happens to you and you are incapacitated is always a good idea. No, it’s not fun to imagine the scenarios that would call for such a thing, but being prepared, just in case, will make a difficult time just a bit more bearable. It’s also for this reason that it is a good idea to seek out legal help for any other potential legal matters, or a real estate lawyer for when you are getting ready to buy or sell property, especially if it is tied to a will or larger estate.

It is a difficult thing, to think about all the things that go into the end of a life. But putting up with it just long enough to get it sorted will make things better for everyone when the time does come. Continue.

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