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What Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Do?

Television programs often make the lives of lawyers look exciting. You may wonder what a day in the life of criminal defense lawyers looks like. In the attached video, the viewers get examples of activities a criminal defense attorney might do on a typical day.

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For example, the video shows how lawyers sometimes use cloth replicas of people to reenact people’s positions during a crime and discusses how many trials have two credible witnesses who both say opposite things.

According to the video, “The law isn’t a sword; it’s a shield.” The video goes on to explain that this means that criminal lawyers should use anything within the law to defend their clients. It can be challenging at times, especially with repeat offenders. However, the law in the U.S. proclaims that every client deserves a zealous defense, and that is what these lawyers do.

Courtrooms require legal precedents to be written on complicated forms, but paperwork isn’t all that a lawyer does. Evidence is sometimes hard to find, and criminal lawyers must sometimes go to great lengths to find that evidence. They may have to interview many people who may have been witnesses. Their responsibility towards their client is always foremost in their minds.

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