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What Do Celebrities Have to Deal With When Getting Divorced?

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Many people need to contact divorce lawyers sooner or later in their lives. The divorce rate for first marriages in the U.S. currently hovers around 41%. For better or for worse, marriage isn?t always ?til death do us part.?

Although divorces are a fairly standard procedure, celebrity divorces are often another issue altogether. Laura Wasser is one of the top divorce lawyers in LA, who?s represented both Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Gardner in their highly publicized cases.

What sort of unique issues do celebrities encounter when seeking a divorce? Here?s a few, according to Gardner in a recent chat with Elle magazine.

Everyone Wants to Know Your Business

Imagine if the second you filed for divorce, everyone you?ve ever known was instantly alerted to it — along with your entire family. When celebrities divorce, they have to deal with media outlets hungry for information. Wasser alleges that the county clerk office at the Los Angeles Superior Court will often tip off tabloids when someone famous files a divorce — and recommends going to a smaller branch instead.

Always Discuss With Spouse First

It seems obvious, doesn?t it? Normally if you?re seeking a divorce, you can file divorce papers — then tell your spouse, still before alerting anyone else. If you?re a celebrity, though, Wasser says the turnaround time is unreal — many online outlets are going to know within an hour of the filing. It also makes sense to negotiate agreements well ahead of time so that, for example, certain details are kept out of official papers (and hence, out of the magazines as well).

March is a Big Time for Celebrity Divorces

Who wants to walk down the red carpet alone? Not celebrities, apparently, because many of them will wait until award season is over to announce their separations. Wasser herself is currently working on about 45 cases, and some of them are — indeed — celebrity divorces. Not even money and fame can help if couples have irreconcilable differences!

Marriage Stressors are Sometimes Different

Why do celebrities get divorced in the first place? Sometimes, it?s the same reason as anyone else; marriages are 75% more likely to end, for example, if one partner smokes and the other doesn?t. Hollywood couples often have added issues of upscale drug habits to deal with on top of that. Other times, the unique stressors of fame get in the way — what happens if your spouse is more famous than you? Or if someone lies to a gossip magazine and says they?re dating your spouse? Divorce advice or marriage therapy is also harder if people are frequently in different parts of the country, or the world, for filming or music.

Divorce lawyers deal with a wide range of clients — celebrities among them. If you need a divorce attorney, keep this in mind!

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