What Do Bail Bond Agents Do?

This video gives a clear explanation of what a bail bondsman or a bail bond agent does. A definition of what a bond payment is and when it is made is explained. In short, a bail payment comes about when one has been arrested but they do not want to be cooped up in jail whilst they wait for their next court date.

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By paying bond, the courts will allow them to walk free until they need to come back for their court appearance.

The price of bond is set by the judge and if unfortunately, the price is way out of pocket for you, the video explains how you can have a bail bondsman take a small percentage of the full amount you would have paid the courts. The bondsman is licensed by the court and they will make sure that you will appear in court.

The video explains that if you were to pay the bail bondsman, the money you pay will not be returned to you after your case is done with. On the other hand, if you pay the full amount to the court, you will get your money back after your case is done.

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