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Divorce Attorneys Explained

In this video, you will learn about a divorce attorney. Half of the marriages end in divorce in NYS. There is a 53% chance that you will be divorced.

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Marriage is the most legally significant thing besides dying that you will ever do. Most people have no idea what a marriage contract actually entails. Take marriage seriously. Don’t marry someone who is not outgoing. You need to marry someone who lives up to your expectations. You will not change all that much because you are getting married. One of the most important conversations to have with your partner before getting married. YOu should make a prenup before the marriage. By the time you get married, there are joint bank accounts. Qualities in someone to date are way different than someone to marry. What makes for a good spouse is different than what makes a good boyfriend. The biggest mistake people make when getting a divorce is by trying to win. The key here is to keep your eyes on the prize. The goal is to get to the other side, not to get stuck in the middle. Keep watching this video for more information on this.

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