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Veterans Mental Health Programs Leave a Lot to Be Desired

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Delays, scandal, and negligent care at VA hospitals all across the U.S. are garnering a fair amount of attention — and rightfully so. Unfortunately, there are extremely problematic veterans issues that are still going unnoticed. Too few Americans realize 22 veterans claim their own lives per day. Veterans’ suicide rate are alarmingly high, and the government mental health care programs are desperately lacking.

Current Mental Health Programs Are Too Short, Experts Say

Right now, the federal government sponsors free (or sometimes heavily discounted) mental health care for veterans for up to five years after returning from service. The no questions asked mental health programs are meant to be as efficient and effective as possible, but new research suggests there may be some fundamental problems — starting with the duration of treatment. According to new studies, it can take as many as seven to 12 years for symptoms to fully manifest. For that reason, programs that last for five years only may literally come up short.

Veterans Lawyers Push For Variety In Soldier and Vet Therapy Treatments

Survivors of abuse, military trauma, and/or military sexual trauma will, with a little luck, have more options for future treatment. Scientists are exploring a whole array of new options — from distraction therapy and Tetris (yes, Tetris!) or even small brain implants. How can playing Tetris treat PTSD symptoms? “Focusing on a highly engaging visual-spatial task, such as playing video games, may significantly reduce the occurrence of flashbacks, the mental images concerning the trauma that intrude on the sufferer afterward,” Live Science explains. Brain implants, on the other hand, may be able to trigger the release of relaxation hormones and prevent events from triggering PTSD episodes. Talk to veterans attorneys for legal advice if you believe that you or your loved one may be eligible for more extensive mental health care.

Veterans need better mental health care. Seek legal advice if you believe that you deserve more attention for PTSD or military trauma symptoms.

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