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Truths and Myths What Trucking Companies Wont Tell You

The allure of the open road, the independence of being your own boss, and the potential for good wages can make truck driving a tempting career choice. However, trucking companies often paint a rosy picture that doesn’t always reflect reality. To make informed decisions about entering the trucking industry, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction. Here’s a look at some common myths perpetuated by trucking companies, along with the truths new drivers need to know.

Myth #1: You’ll Rack Up Big Miles Every Week

Trucking companies often advertise the high number of miles a driver can accumulate, translating to more income. While some weeks might involve long hauls, the reality is most drivers average between 2,000 and 2,700 miles per week.

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This discrepancy can be a significant blow to a driver’s financial expectations.

Truth: Be realistic about mileage. Ask about average weekly miles for new drivers and factor that into your earning potential calculations. Consider discussing pay structures with a truck labor lawyer to understand how mileage pay compares to percentage pay and which might be more beneficial for your situation.

Myth #2: Weekends Spent at Home are Guaranteed

The freedom of the open road can be a double-edged sword. Over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers typically spend extended periods away from home. Weekends off are not a given, and routes can take drivers across the country, making it difficult to plan for personal time.

Truth: OTR trucking often means sacrificing weekends at home. If being home regularly is a priority, consider regional driving jobs that offer more frequent returns. Discussing your desired work schedule with potential employers upfront is crucial.

Myth #3: You’ll Never Encounter Bad Weather

Trucking companies might not explicitly mention the challenges of driving in harsh weather conditions. However, these are inevitable realities for truck drivers. From navigating snowstorms to battling scorching heat, the ability to handle various weather patterns safely is paramount.

Truth: Be prepared for all weather conditions. Companies should have proper training protocols in place for handling bad weather. Learn about the company’s policies regarding stopping work during dangerous conditions and inquire about compensation during such downtime. A truck labor lawyer can advise you on your rights and protections in these situations.

Myth #4: Breakdowns are a Rare Occurrence

Trucks are complex machines, and breakdowns are a fact of life in the trucking industry. Companies might downplay the frequency of breakdowns or neglect to mention the potential downtime and financial implications for drivers.

Truth: Breakdowns are inevitable. Ask about the company’s breakdown policy, including how long repairs typically take and whether they offer compensation or support for drivers during these periods.

Myth #5: You’ll Only Be Assigned Desirable Routes

Trucking companies might not disclose the less glamorous aspects of route assignments. Drivers may be expected to navigate congested cities, deal with difficult deliveries, or take on routes in less preferable locations.

Truth: Be prepared for any route assignment. Companies may prioritize efficiency and profitability over driver preferences. While some negotiation might be possible, understand that flexibility is often expected of truck drivers.

Myth #6: Company Awards Mean Everything

Trucking companies often tout awards and accolades as a sign of being a great place to work. However, these titles can be misleading and may not reflect the day-to-day experiences of drivers.

Truth: Do your research beyond company awards. Look for online reviews from current and former drivers to get a more accurate picture of the company culture and work environment. A truck labor lawyer can also be a valuable resource for understanding common industry practices and potential red flags.

Myth #7: Lease Purchase Programs Are Your Ticket to Success

New drivers might be enticed by lease purchase programs offered by trucking companies. These programs promise ownership of a truck, but the reality can be a financial pitfall. The high upfront costs and maintenance responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially for inexperienced drivers.

Truth: Approach lease purchase programs with caution, especially as a new driver. The potential financial burden can outweigh the benefits. Consulting with a truck labor lawyer before entering into a lease purchase agreement is highly recommended. They can review the contract and explain the potential risks and responsibilities involved.

The Road to Success: Knowledge and Preparation

By understanding the realities of the trucking industry, new drivers can make informed decisions about their careers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during job interviews and research companies thoroughly. A truck labor lawyer can be a valuable asset in understanding your rights, navigating potential issues, and ensuring a smooth and successful entry into the world of trucking.


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