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What Not to Do When the Government Tries to Take Your Land

If your land is being subject to a eminent domain land condemnation case, you need to be careful of your actions. These cases are serious and particularly difficult to win, as the government has made the process as easy for themselves as possible. So long as they can prove the land would benefit the public, and so long as they pay the owners what the land is worth, they can take it by law. If you’re being subject to an eminent domain case, watch this video to learn what not to do.

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First, don’t sign a right of entry agreement with the department of transportation. This allows the DOT to come onto your property and start building without any of the proper paperwork. Next, don’t challenge a tax appraisal. Otherwise, you’ll be arguing that your property is worth less than it was assigned. Also, don’t speak to a right of way agent. They keep detailed notes to use against you. Similarly, you shouldn’t speak to a DOT appraiser about your property either. Lastly, don’t put your property on the market while it is pending for condemnation. It will be nearly impossible to sell at fair market value.

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