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The Shocking Deaths Amusement Parks Don’t Want You To Know About

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Seemingly innocent family vacations can turn tragic — and sometimes they can take a turn for the worst pretty quickly, too. Three million Americans suffer injuries in car crashes every year, and another 20,000 die in slip and fall accidents. What many Americans do not realize, however, that a trip to the amusement park can be tragic — or even deadly — too. What are some of the most shocking amusement park accidents?

Teenage Boy Decapitated By Batman Roller Coaster

What are some of the most complex cases involving wrongful death? Personal injury lawyers are all too familiar with car accident injuries and even medical malpractice lawsuits, accidental deaths at theme parks, however, are still fairly uncommon. Still, that’s exactly what happened to a teenager who tried to retrieve his hat that fell near the Batman roller coaster. The teen entered a restricted area, and the roller coaster whipped by, decapitating him.

Six Flag Ride Severs Young Girl’s Feet

One young girl lost her feet on a tower ride when a cable snapped. The cable actually sliced through her feet, completely separating them from her legs. Her parents teamed up with personal injury lawyers to sue the theme park. The theme park would not answer new outlets’ questions about the outcome of the case.

Woman Trapped Under Raft and Drowns

On March 21, 1999, a woman met her untimely death in an amusement park. The woman was on a rapids ride — and enjoying the theme park just like patrons have for years. A boat deflated partially and unexpectedly. The woman was trapped beneath the boat and drowned in the water. “People in the boats are here to have a good time. We never had expected that they would be in the water. The expectation has been that they would stay in the boat,” an amusement park representative said.

Tragedies happen everywhere — and sometimes when they are least expected. For a handful of patrons, a day at the amusement park has ended with unspeakable tragedies — and sometimes even death. For more, read this link:

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