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The Holidays Are Here Are You Making Sure To Practice Safe Driving Habits?

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Safety can sometimes take a backseat to family planning and party investments when the holidays roll in. Winter, however, is a notorious hazard for you to contend with. Car accidents reach all-time highs once the snow starts to set in, affecting countless families the country over that aren’t thinking about finding the best lawyers in their area. Whether you’ve been in a recent accident yourself or are starting to consider the benefits of a safe approach, you’ll want to keep reading. A tragedy doesn’t wait until the holidays are over before striking. Prepare yourself with a little knowledge on general safety and the best lawyers available.

America’s roads are not just a notorious hazard. They’re actively failing. The Federal Highway Administration has noticed significant degradation among the United States’ major highways and interstate roads, ranging from cracks to pot holes and bumps. When you add snow and ice on top of it? It’s a recipe for disaster. The best lawyers in the country are familiar with the aftermath of car crashes and could be a resource you need to turn to when you’re confronted with the unexpected.

How many people are injured in car accidents each year? Over three million, according to recent studies. This tallies to an overall six million car crashes in general, including motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and single-passenger vehicle crashes. Car accident rights are starting to see more circulation as this number remains consistent, meaning the best lawyers have likely heard about some of the more egregious figures — according to the U.S. Department Of Justice, the most common personal injury cases involve motor vehicle accidents at 50%.

Many find themselves tempted to check their phone while driving or glance at the backseat to talk to their children. This sets up countless people every year for a car crash that could seriously injure them and their family. It takes just a split second to get into an accident, with consequences that can be felt for a lifetime. More common injuries involving car crashes include whiplash, concussions, broken bones, fractures and cuts. The most devastating car accidents as we know it involve trucks due to their massive size and difficult handling. Recent figures have estimated nearly 4,000 people dying in truck crashes back in 2015.

Distracted driving claims thousands of lives every year. In fact, it’s so prevalent it’s starting to contest drunk driving as one of the biggest everyday hazards for Americans. It involves not just checking your phone while driving, but attempting to text, eat or fiddle with the radio dial. Awareness campaigns are starting to pick up on this trend through billboard advertisements and commercials, all the better to reduce temptation in the average driver. If you’ve been in an accident and suspect drunk or distracted driving was the cause, you’ll know when to get an attorney.

Personal injury claims, as explored above, are frequently touching on the subject of car accidents. Although the country will see thousands of personal injury cases every year, a mere 4% to 5% will actually go to trial. The function of an attorney is to provide you legal advice and legal representation as you get your life back in order after a car crash. This can include attending court hearings (though rare), helping you file paperwork, interviewing witnesses and discussing the state of your insurance. An auto accident attorney can be contacted at your nearby law firm.

Check your winter tires, resist the urge to text while driving and keep your eyes on the road. Make this winter your safest holiday season yet.

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