Drunk Drivers Sue Them to Make Money

Distracted drivers

Imagine this scenario: You’re driving on the road, perfectly minding your own business, staying within the lanes, and staying under the speed limit. You arrive at a four-way stop. You look both ways. There’s a car approaching at medium speed but you’re sure he or she will stop. You start to cross the intersection. But then: Bam! The car hits you broadside.

Unfortunately, in today’s increasing volatile traffic arena, this scenario is not so much a hypothetical but often something that occurs on a daily basis. And unfortunately, you, the driver who is behaving correctly and obeying the most obvious traffic laws, results in the accident. The consequences are devastating.

First, there is your car. Your car is worth oftentimes thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. It is hit, broadside, smashing in the doors, disrupting the framework, destroyed the tires and the axles. Glass is scattered throughout the vinyl car seats. The trunk has popped open due to the force of the collision.

You’re sitting in the car, slumped over, blood running from your face. Shards of glass are sprinkled around you, some caught in your hair and along your shoulder. The air bag has gone off. It is sitting against the steering wheel, deflated. There’s a long crack in your windshield.

This is the fate of many women and men across America. They struggle to find their balance after a horrific car accident. And yet, they do. How they do that is what will be covered in this article. Because after those sirens wail and the ambulance comes and the night is spent in the hospital, there are consequences. This time your auto insurance won’t cover them.

Medical bills.

Medical expenses.

Prescription medications.



CAT scans.

Resetting of bones.

Resetting of dislocated parts of your body.

Physical therapy costs.

The works.

Did you know that bankruptcies aren’t always about someone taking a major financial loss–a business failing, a mortgage falling on top of them? The vast majority of bankruptcies today are medical–too many medical expenses, too much treatment needed, a problem that never goes away.

If that’s your situation after a car accident so brutal you had to stay in the hospital, know this: You are not alone. And know this: There is a way, a quick, brutal way to get back what was stolen from you.

Worldwide, 1.2 million people die in car accidents every year, from the United States to the United Kingdom, to China, and the Philippines. There are two root causes to driving deaths in America.

Distracted driving, which is defined as taking your eyes, your concentration, and your focus of the road, accounted for 10% of all deaths in car accidents in 2014. Drunk driving, which is defined as drinking and driving while over the blood alcohol content limit, accounted for 31% of deaths in that very same year.

Distracted driving. Drunk driving. They are perils in our society today.

And there’s a very special word for the drivers that cause those accidents: culpability. Culpability is the shadow on the wall. It means they are responsible for what happened in that accident–whether your car is totaled or you are hurt or whether you were late for a meeting.

Culpability means negligence as well, assuming the car accident wasn’t caused by someone deliberately trying to hurt you. That means you’re allowed something, something very important. You get the opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit.

1.5 million people are arrested as drunk drivers each year. The number of drunk drivers every year is much higher. Drunk drivers take advantage of the nighttime to avoid police officers and they often drive while highly intoxicated. Drunk drivers have to be held accountable for their actions.

If one of these people has harmed you or someone you love in your life, consider filing a personal injury claim. Seek out personal injury attorneys and ask them to analyze your case. They will review your records, police records of that night, hospital records of your injury, personal accounts of what happened and tell you what they can do for you.

95% to 96% of personal injury cases are settled pre-trial. That means that you almost surely won’t have to testify in court. You can gain money for emotional damages, for financial damages, and return to a sense of well-being.

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