The Dangers of US Roadways

Misdemeanor traffic offenses

When most people get into their car, they don’t think about the possibility of getting into an accident, but the threat is real. Even with recent advances in car-safety technology, 33,561 people are killed each year in the United States as a result of fatal automobile accidents.

There are dangers on American roadways, and drivers should be aware of them. Having to appear at your local county court for a cell phone ticket, reckless driving charge or to fight a red light ticket may seem like a waste of time, but these tickets are important; they are meant to curb deaths on the highways.

It is a little known fact that one in every three people knows someone who has been involved in an accident when another driver ran a red light, and a whopping 97% of drivers feel that it is a major safety concern for other drivers to run red lights. That concern is born out of real data; in 2012, as many as 683 people were killed in accidents involving drivers running red lights. This isn’t about drivers being able to beat a red light camera ticket or red light violation in county court; this is about being responsible and helping to save lives.

Taking just a few steps to prevent these automobile accidents can drastically reduce your chances of causing an accident, but if you find yourself on the behind the wheel of the car responsible for an accident, be sure to spend an adequate amount of time finding a traffic attorney to defend you. You don’t want to go before a judge at your county court alone; be sure to have an experienced and passionate lawyer at your side.

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