Bicycle Accident Fatalities What Steps to Take After the Crash

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All over America, many people have taken up bicycling. Not only is it an affordable and enivronmentally sound way to travel, but it’s also great exercise and just a lot of fun.

However, most people aren’t aware how dangerous cycling can be if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Most often, drivers watch for pedestrians, but not for cyclists. If you are involved in a bicycle accident you will need to consider all of your options — and that is done best with the help of a bicycle accident attorney.

When a bicycle injury occurs your might ask “what to do after a bicycle accident?” When you’ve been involved in an accident, you need the help of a personal injury lawyer to assist you in seeing all sides of the case. Adults above the age of 45 and adolescents incur the most bicycle accident fatalities. Men are much more likely to die in a bicycle fatality. Although cyclists are found all over the country, bicycle injury statistics point out that most fatalities on a bicycle take place in areas with no intersections and in urban areas.

According to researchers, bicycle fatalities made up 2% of fatalities in 2013. However, bicycle travel is only 1% of the total means of travel in the United States. These statistics point out that bicycling can be dangerous, and that awareness and precautions are vital to decrease the number of deaths each year.

Bicycle accidents often result in injury to both parties involved. A bicycle accident lawyer takes on your case, provides personal, attention and collects the necessary details to ensure your case is won. The lawyer looks into what caused the accident and who was at fault, and works to get you the settlement you deserve. Most will not rest until you they are satisfied that you have been served to the best of their ability.

There are a variety of personal injury lawyers that specialize in different areas of personal injury. If you ever find yourself in a bicycle accident, before you make any decisions, consult a personal injury lawyer.

Safety is key when bicycling. Fun should never result in a death and with the proper attention paid to the road, you can avoid an accident.

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