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Taking A Look At Car Accidents In The United States

As any car accident attorney operating here in the United States will be unfortunately able to tell you, car and other such motor vehicle accidents are far from uncommon. In fact, in this country alone there will be as many as six million car accidents of varying severities by the time that any given year draws to a close. In these car accidents, it can be expected that up to three million people will be injured and that more than thirty thousand will actually lose their lives, a tragedy that cannot be undone and will affect the lives of many, the victim, of course, included. And it’s only getting worse. By the end of the year of 2017, deaths caused by car accidents and reached and surpassed a count of forty thousand people – and this was the second consecutive year in which this had happened, showing a dramatic rise in the number of motor vehicle related fatalities here in the United States, where our vehicle fatality rates have never been particularly stellar.

And, as any car accident attorney can tell you, there are many preventable causes of such car accidents, including those that have long lasting repercussions for both the driver as well as the victims. Drunk driving is one such causes of car accidents here in the United States and claims the lives of people around the country on a daily basis. According to a car accident attorney, an injury related to drunk driving will occur as frequently as every two minutes for the entire duration of the day. This is because drunk driving and otherwise driving under the influence is so terribly common here, with more than three hundred thousand people choosing to drive drunk or under the influence of drugs, creating a steep risk not only for other people on the road, but for themselves and anyone else with them in their motor vehicle as well.

Aside from drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs (which accounts, on its own and apart from drunk driving, for more than fifteen percent of all car accidents that are sustained here in the United States), distracted driving and speeding represent two other top causes of motor vehicle accidents. Distracted driving in particular has the potential to be incredibly dangerous and is only likely to become more so in the years that are to come. With the advent of social media and more technology than ever before, it can become all too easy to find yourself distracted when you are out on the road. But the average car accident attorney is seeing more and more cases that are directly related to distracted driving as people become more and more unwilling or unable to disengage from their various forms of technology, most notably their smart phones.

Speeding is another cause of motor vehicle accidents here in the United States and yet another common case that your average car accident attorney can expect to see on a relatively regular basis. Everybody speeds sometimes. We’ve all done it and it’s likely that we’ll all do it again in the future. Sometimes you speed, even just by a little, without noticing it at all, so immersed are you in the often monotonous experience of driving. But just as driving too slow can be dangerous, so can driving too fast – as any car accident attorney will more than be able to tell you. A car crash or car wreck is not an uncommon result of speeding, as speeding will make you less able to react to dangerous or potentially dangerous situations quickly, leading to the need to hire car accident lawyers.

Here in the United States there are multitudes of cars on the road, more than in any other country in the world. But all of these cars often lead to car accidents, and many of these car accidents are preventable ones. From drunk and otherwise intoxicated driving to driving while distracted to speeding, preventable car accidents have unfortunately become far more commonplace than they should ever be, a fact that any car accident attorney can attest to here in the United States.

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