American Personal Rights Car accident attorney,Slip and fall accident lawyer lafayette,Truck accident lawyer lafayette Have You or a Loved One Been the Victim of a Car Accident Caused by Someone’s Carelessness?

Have You or a Loved One Been the Victim of a Car Accident Caused by Someone’s Carelessness?

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The commercials and videos are everywhere and they are poignant. Texting and driving. Distracted driving. Buzzed diving. Drunk driving. In a world where the number of digital distractions to drivers continue to grow, public service announcements continue to warn individuals of all ages the dangers of not understanding the significance of anything that takes your mind, hands, or attention off the road.
Although the messages are everywhere, the results of those messages are far from 100%. Even though drivers know of the danger of not giving the road their complete attention, every day accidents still happen. Accidents that are the direct result of someone who is texting, fidgeting with food, or driving while buzzed or intoxicated. Unfortunately, many families across America have to deal with the devastating news that a loved one has been injured or killed because of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness.
Car Accident Attorneys May Help Families Meet the Challenges of a Devastating Loss
Whether the loss from the accident is as simple as missing a few days of work or as long lasting as the death of a loved one, car accident attorneys can help the victim and the related family attempt to put the pieces back together. From recovering from the loss of a car to learning to live with the loss of a limb, a car accident attorney understands how to anticipate the needed medical costs, as well as the emotional and physical loss.
Even when both you and the other drive have insurance, some experts recommend that you contact an auto accident attorney or a personal injury attorney to see if there is something more that can be done. The unforeseen expenses of an accident that involves a personal injury, for instance, are often difficult to predict and to anticipate. A personal injury lawyer or an auto accident attorney, on the other hand, may be able to rely on years of similar experiences to help their clients prepare for the future. A future which can consist of months or years of physical and occupational therapy appointments, as well as counseling sessions that may be needed to recover from traumatic events.
A car accident lawyer, for instance, may help victims and their families get connected with other resources who might be helpful during the recovery process.
Consider some of these statistics about the frequency of motor vehicle and personal injury accidents to understand the experience that a personal injury or motorcycle or car accident attorney may have:

  • 88,000 motorcyclists were injured in accidents in the year 2013. The good news is that this number represents a 5.4% decrease from 93,000 in the year 2012.
  • 4,668 people died in motorcycle crashes in the year 2013. The good news is that this number represents a 6.4% decrease from 4,986 in the year 2012.
  • 95% to 96% of personal injury cases are settled pretrial, leaving only 4% going all of the way through a court case.

The decision to seek legal counsel may be able to help you navigate the complicated system of court proceedings and insurance claims. Although the initial relieve of sometimes knowing that things might have been worse keeps some accident victims from seeking legal help, this relieve does not often last. The anger, frustration, sadness, and exhaustion eventually takes over and often erases any initial relief a victim may have felt. An attorney who is well versed in the insurance industry and the process of seeking medical and rehabilitation costs may be able to help mitigate the stress of recovering from an accident.
It is clear that commercials and public service announcements can only go so far in warning drivers of the dangers of distracted driving and other dangerous habits. As long as we are a nation that relies so heavily on using our vehicles to get from one location to another, we will continue to be a nation that is at the mercy of the most careless drivers on the road. Should you or a loved one be the victim of a careless driver or a workplace accident, seeking legal advice may be a step toward the road to recovery. Be sure to consider your options in the event of an accident.

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