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Safe Driving Habits for Winter Driving Conditions

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Many states across the country are experience large amounts of snowfall today. Schools are closed. Many cities have issued city wide snow emergencies. However, you will still find that people are driving on the roads. Some do not have a choice, transporting to and from work. Others enjoy the deserted roads and empty shopping malls, taking advantage of the poor road conditions. Driving on extreme winter weather conditions can be dangerous. If you are required to or choose to drive on winter roads, follow the following road precautions to ensure that you are safe.

Drive your best winter vehicles

If possible, choose to drive your vehicle that is best on winter road conditions. Any four wheel drive vehicle is ideal over a front wheel drive vehicle. The four wheel drive vehicle will give you better traction and will allow you to stop quicker on icier road conditions. If you live in a state that experiences four seasons, consider purchasing a vehicle that has four wheel drive, or a winter driving option. You will find that the additional costs are worth it.

Avoid any electronic devices

Winter road conditions often require you to stop with less notice. Electronic devices slow down your reaction time even more. At any given daylight moment across America, approximately 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices while driving. Consider putting your cell phone out of reach to avoid temptation. Keep radio and GPS noises low so that you can focus on safe winter driving. Most car accident lawyers will look for any distracted driving during an accident case.

Equip your vehicle with winter tires

Purchasing a vehicle that is four wheel drive is not always an option. However, your vehicle should have a separate set of tires that are specific for winter driving conditions. Your winter tires should be placed onto all four tires, and should be changed out as soon as fall is over. The tires will help you get through large amounts of snow easier, and will make it easier to stop on icy roads. They will also give you more traction when turning on icier roads.

Avoid driving under the influence

Although driving under the influence is illegal in every state, each state has a different legal limit. When roads are dangerous, it is best to avoid driving under any influence at all. Even minimal amounts of alcohol in the system can slow down the reaction times, which when paired with icy road conditions, can be extremely dangerous. A personal injury attorney may be needed when auto accident occur and result in personal injuries of either drivers.

Have your vehicle regularly maintained

Vehicles require regular maintenance, including tire rotations, oil changes, and brake pad replacements. All of these regular maintenance tasks are for the condition of the vehicle and the safety of the driver. For example, not replacing your brake pads when they become worn could make it more difficult to stop. Be sure that your vehicle is ready for extreme driving conditions this winter to avoid an auto accident or working with an accident lawyer.

Limit teens driving

Teenagers are still learning to drive and may not necessarily understand the safety driving tips. Consider driving with them or driving them to school during poor driving conditions. Teach them how to operate the vehicle when the roads become very slippery. Motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death in 2014 for individuals age 11 and also for ages 16 through 24. Teenagers may also be more likely to use technological devices, even in poor driving conditions. Engaging in visual manual subtasks associated with the use of hand held phones and other portable devices increased the risk of getting into a crash by three times.

Consider legal representation when an accident does occur

A car accident attorney can be a valuable resource when an accident occurs. An accident lawyer can look for any foul play and ensure that any of your damages are properly taken care of. Accident lawyers are familiar with winter related accidents and can help walk you through the steps of legal representation.
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