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Police Behavior Unaffected By Remote Body Cameras

Watch this video to learn how body-worn cameras impact police and civilian behavior. Implementing a remote body camera is the most recent technology imposed on police officers. This technology is believed to influence police and citizen behavior and perception, police organization, and general investigations.

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The system has been significantly supported by citizens and the police but has not borne significant results regarding how they view each other.

Regardless of the outcomes, the system is already being implemented in many law enforcement agencies, and the concerned parties will continue to utilize them. A study was conducted where officers were given cameras for a period of 18 months. The hypothesis tested was that this technology improves accountability, police performance, the investigation process, and the general relationships between police officers and the public. However, results show that officers equipped with cameras continued to use the same amount of force as those without this technology, meaning that this violent behavior was not affected. Experts maintain their view that a camera cannot replace proper training and extra care during the recruitment process. Advocates still have hope that the use of remote body cameras will have civilizing results for all the parties involved.

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