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I’m Thinking Of Getting A Divorce Should I Hire Divorce Mediation Services?

You’re finally taking action to finalize that divorce. You’ve weighed your options, talked to family members, and explored available resources. Now what?

Should you have some trouble figuring out asset relocation or want to know your options concerning child custody, you might need mediation to come into play. Divorce is not an easy process, particularly with so many people involved, and arguments can slow down an already arduous process. The function of a mediation lawyer is to provide a neutral perspective for all parties involved, helping you file paperwork and answering questions as they come. They can also help you shoulder some of the stress of seeing your life change in a hundred different ways.

When you need divorce advice, a family mediation service will be more than happy to help.

How Common Are Divorces Today?

Divorces are becoming a more common story in the United States. Not only are there more predictors of divorce available to psychologists and therapists, social attitudes toward traditional marriage are fluctuating. Recent research has found all marriages have a 50% chance of lasting in the long-term. Divorce mediation is one of the more sought-after resources concerning a divorce, right before child custody and asset mediation. Family issues can make this process even messier, slowing down a process that can last for years otherwise.

What Are Rates Of Marriage In America?

Your divorce might just look like thousands more out there. Whether you’re divorcing for compatibility reasons or financial struggles, marriage rates have seen a notable dip that is only expected to get steeper. Recent data has found most people will marry again three years after a divorce. The median age for a first divorce is 30 years old for men and 29 years old for women. Some factors, however, have proven surprisingly reliable in predicting whether or not a marriage will last.

Are There Warning Signs For Divorce?

Some of the most common warning signs for a divorce can also seem small, even negligible, while you’re in the thick of it. Infidelity, financial strife, and incompatibility are among the most obvious. Which marriage you’re in, on the other hand, can be less predictable. Third marriages have some of the lowest retention rates, thanks to recent studies, and the divorce rate among couples with children is 40% lower than couples without children. One Swedish study even found a correlation between smoking and divorce rates.

What Do I Do About Child Custody?

Child custody is one area where you should seek out additional mediation. Divorce is a necessary process in many cases, though the stress of a new life and parting parents can cause significant stress on a child. A recent social study found 75% of children with divorced parents live with their mother. Visitation rights, restraining orders, and simple consultation are all resources available to make this an easier process. Without mediation you could be looking at a divorce that takes years to finalize, if you finalize it at all.

Are Mediation Services Important For My Divorce Proceedings?

Divorce mediation help is incredibly helpful when you’re lost in a thousand details and can barely come up for air. You have assets to redistribute among family members, children’s well-being to look after, and your own wellness to take into consideration. Just searching online for answers to your questions doesn’t always work, either. What if you have concerns that need a more nuanced perspective or a longer conversation? Divorce mediation services have seen similar stories before and are incredibly helpful whether this is your first divorce or your third.

Divorcing your spouse isn’t easy. Family mediation will make it a little simpler.

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