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How Do We Offer Affordable Legal Services

In this video, TedX and Kevin Mill have partnered up to provide information about how law firms can provide affordable legal services using technological advances. Kevin believes that law firms could utilize technology to develop their self-service products as a way to grow their practices. As the CEO of LegalSifter Kevin has become increasingly interested in ways to develop the legal profession because according to his research there are not many people who are inclined to call a family law attorney for instance in case of an urgent matter that needs that particular specialization instead people would rather call their friends or family members to ask for legal advice. He believes that this is because lawyers charge exorbitant fees when they have to attend to a matter no matter how small it may be.

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The average American cannot afford to pay a lawyer an hourly rate and this makes it impossible for a person to afford to have a civil trial in court.

According to statistics, many people start with a private lawyer but the fees become too much and they end up changing to a state lawyer. Others will opt to represent themselves because they do not trust that a state lawyer will satisfactorily represent them. The problem lies in the fact that there has been a lack of technology aimed at advancing the legal practice. Lawyers have been using the same methods that they used twenty years ago and even though there are some software developments, the industry is still lagging in these developments.

However, In recent years there has been a proliferation of new technologies with algorithms that can discern how lawyers do their work. This has allowed for the development of software that is not only aimed at helping the lawyers but that will build a bridge between lawyers and their clients so that there are self-service products that are available to people who may not be able to afford all of the fees for every single query they may have.

A lawyer supported technological program has been created that will change the way that the legal system operates. This will ensure that future legal transactions are conducted seamlessly and with sufficient understanding from a client without the constant need of having a lawyer present to explain every detail. The development of such programs helps clients to save money and time.

Kevin Wills has the industry experience and research data that is essential to the development of better-suited algorithms. Access to quality legal assistance in America is very costly and as a result, there are many people who have been sentenced because they could not afford the right lawyer to argue their case on their behalf. If you are someone who believes in proper access to justice for all people then support within the legal industry is needed to ensure that such initiatives are welcome.


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