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How a Pro Bono Law Firm Can Organize an Outdoor Free Legal Clinic

The Legal Service for Prisoners with Children (LSPC) is like a superhero squad for those struggling to survive in society. This video shows the organization working tirelessly to provide legal aid to vulnerable individuals. These folks are often poor, isolated, and don’t have the resources to fight for themselves. LSPC doesn’t stop at just legal issues. It goes above and beyond by connecting its clients with counselors and psychiatrists.

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If you run a law firm and would like to provide pro bono legal services to those in your community, setting up an outdoor free legal clinic may be the best idea. To set up this type of event, you need to connect with local vendors, such as food and drink vendors, organizations willing to help set up tables and chairs, and a porta potty rental in Oceanside, CA so families can use the bathroom at the event.

Your law firm understands that many people need more than just legal help. Getting support and a chance to turn their lives around is vital. Therefore, also connect with counseling and social work services in your community so they can provide pro bono clients with resources, too.

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