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There are hundreds of reasons why people hire attorneys. Divorce, including family law, a bankruptcy claim, auto accident claims, and a workers compensation claim are only a few of the general reasons why an individual might be in need of legal representation.

Many attorneys now offer a free consultation for new clients. This gives both the client and the attorney an opportunity to discuss the important points of the case and to decide whether they are a good fit for each other. If, for any number of reasons, the attorney or the client do not sense the connection necessary to work successfully together, the client has not lost anything. They can simply move ahead and keep searching for the attorney they feel is the right match.

When searching the community of attorneys for a bankruptcy lawyer, perspective clients might interview several before settling on one with whom they feel comfortable. Filing for bankruptcy, whether personal bankruptcy or business, is a difficult enough decision to have to make, and the client needs to work with someone who makes them feel at ease. Individuals who work with attorneys in filing their chapter 7 bankruptcy claims are successful 95% of the time. Statistics show that in 2014 only 3% of bankruptcy cases involved businesses, the other 97% were personal. The cost to the client for this type of case can range between $1500 and $3000.

Workman’s compensation cases work best for clients who hire attorneys experienced in personal injury cases. When a worker is hurt on the job and is forced to spend time away from work, chances are better than not that they are not going to be paid for their time off. With 75% of people in the United States living from one paycheck to the next, many with no savings, extended time off from work with no pay is going to place a hardship on the worker and their family.

Typically, attorneys who work with workers compensation cases will represent the client in order to retrieve lost wages, get help with medical bills, and more. Different levels of compensation are available, depending upon the injury sustained by the client. It is estimated that 85% of these types of cases happened because of a slip and fall on wet or slippery floors in the workplace. These falls can result in different degrees of sprains or fractures, results ranging from a complete recovery to a partial or even complete disability.

The responsibilities of attorneys who represent clients in workers compensation cases include making sure that their client receives the benefits that they are entitled to. These could include permanent total or partial disability, wage reimbursement, assistance with medical bills, temporary disability, and even rehabilitation benefits. The client’s attorney will collect all medical evidence and records from medical professionals involved, as well as doing all legal research into the case. It is the lawyer’s responsibility to stay informed and current of all laws regarding workers compensation and to have a thorough understanding of the client’s rights. Attorneys must take depositions from anyone who has any involvement in the case while compiling and drafting the legal paperwork necessary to provide the best representation for the client.

In order to present an infallible case on behalf of their client, attorneys must have certain attributes. As mentioned earlier, a strong knowledge of the laws surrounding workers compensation and the procedures involved is crucial. Lawyers must be able to work both with a team and independently, and they must have solid research skills. In addition, their negotiation skills have to be top notch in order to win the case for their client and to be sure that the client receives all the benefits due. Capabilities with both oral and written communication must be top notch. Concrete experience in litigation and trial is also a necessary quality for the attorney to have.

When all is said and done, the goal of the attorney is to present a solid case for the client and, quite simply, to see to it that the client is awarded the compensation they deserve. Intertwined within the aspects of the attorney’s job on their client’s behalf is the obligation to help alleviate the stress caused by injury and circumstances.

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