Have You Been Ticketed for a Misdemeanor Traffic Offense?

Car accident ticket court

Getting stopped and served a car violation ticket can be utterly embarrassing. It might be frightening, too, as you wonder if the car accident ticket court will take your license or issue points. You might even wonder if you need a traffic offenses attorney to assist you. The answer is that it might be a good thing to have one.

If you’ve been asking, “Can you plead not guilty to a speeding ticket?” the answer is yes. You can plead not guilty, but it would be better for you to have an attorney on your side when you do it. The attorney will call into question the arresting officer’s intentions and whether he or she was adhering to the correct protocol for traffic stops. The attorney will also tell the judge that you said to “check my traffic violations.” This might be a first-time offense for an otherwise squeaky-clean individual. That will make a gigantic difference in whether or not you get fined heavily or get a whole lot of points put on your record. In most cases, the punishment will fit the violation if the prosecuting officer can prove you guilty of violating a traffic law. An attorney will help you prevent that from happening.

Traffic ticket defense

Don’t let a misdemeanor traffic offense keep you from achieving your goals or getting your dream job. Just because you have been cited with a red light camera ticket or a cell phone ticket is no reason for you to have to pay a fine, court costs or lose any points on your license. You certainly should have to pay a higher insurance rate for one small infraction. In fact, many lawyers can help you fight a misdemeanor traffic offense and suffer absolutely no consequences.

As of May 2014, it’s estimated close to 200 million licensed drivers are on the road in the U.S. While some reckless drivers routinely break speed limits and run red lights, you are not one of those. You understand the difference between a unsafe speed on a crowded freeway and safe speed out on the open road.

With the proper attorney, you can learn how to fight a speeding ticket or other misdemeanor traffic offense. For starters, we will explain the following as possible defenses:

  • You may be able to challenge the officer’s subjective conclusion. In many cases the officer had to make a judgement call in deciding, for example, that you made an illegal left turn. Our attorneys can help you offer the simple defense of saying that your actions were safe and responsible in the given situation.
  • You may be able to challenge the officer’s observations. If, for example the officer was herself driving in a 55 mile an hour speed zone, you
  • You may be able to prove your conduct was a “mistake of fact.” If you can show that you made an honest mistake of error a judge may be able to dismiss your case.
  • You may be able to prove your conduct was “legally justified.” This defense can be really effective because it offers an additional fact or legal point, rather than contradicting an officer.
  • you may be able to prove your conduct was necessary to avoid harm. This defense is typically allowed in all 50 states if, for example, you can prove you were speeding to avoid an out of control semi truck.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have received a ticket for driving with a suspended license, it is still possible that many accomplished attorneys can get you out of a ticket, a fine and losing more points from your license. The best thing to remember is to call an attorney as soon as a suspected infraction occurs.

Unfortunately, in 2012, there were a total of 30,800 fatal motor vehicle crashes in America, resulting in 33,561 individual deaths. These tragic events, however are not your fault. You are a safe driver who just got caught in a bad situation. You need to find an attorney who can help prove your innocence. One in every three people may claim they personally know someone injured or killed in a red-light running crash, but this does not mean that you need to be punished for running a red light that did not result in a crash. Sometimes a good attorney can force a judge to keep things in perspective.

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