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The world of law is incredibly difficult to understand and people on the outside looking in often become really confused because understanding how the law works is hard and complex. This is why so many people spend more than four years studying in college to learn about the law and how to manipulate and change the law so they can get the results that they need. This is important because the only way that a lawyer can get hired by a law firm is by showing they have a high-level understanding of the law.

In the year of 2014, there were over 600,000 real estate lawyers in the United States according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even the world of real estate contains a large number of lawyers and people working in the field of law. Furthermore, there are even more lawyers that work as a slip and fall lawyer, personal injury lawyers, property lawyer, and other lawyers that provide legal help. Here is what you need to know about working with a law firm.

Over 40% of all nursing home residents throughout the United States have reported some form of abuse and as a result, they will need a law firm of a lawyer by their side to help them. Also, know that over 90% of these nursing home residents have reported that they have suffered from neglect in a nursing home as well. This is a very serious circumstance and legal scenario and it is important to get help from a top law firm to protect your rights and health.

A recent study conducted has revealed that only one in every fourteen cases of elderly abuse has ever actually been reported to authorities. So this means that are a large number of elderly people who are possibly being abused in nursing homes that stay silent out of fear or intimidation. This can be dangerous because one out of every three people in the United States over the age of 65 can experience a fall and this will leave them hurt if they are neglected by those who need to take care of them.

Just about 22% of all slip and fall incidents have resulted in more than 31 days away from work and thus the employee hurt need a law firm to help them. They will not only suffer from losing out on work and wages, they will have to deal with serious medical bills going forward and that is why the law firm is so important. Whenever clients get involved in estate planning it is for three reasons that include avoiding probate, minimizing discord amongst the beneficiaries and protecting their children from mismanaging inheritances.

Right now, there are over 50% of all personal injury cases related to car accidents. The three most common causes of car accidents in the United States are speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving. Right now in the United States, anywhere between 95% and 96% of all personal injury cases are settled before trial.

In Conclusion

Nearly 70% of all Americans do not have an estate plan or even a simple will and this is another reason as to why working with a law firm is incredibly important. A law firm will provide great legal advice, legal help, and legal consultation and will help anyone that hires them to get the best results. As previously mentioned, understanding the world of law is incredibly difficult for people not trained in the field and there is no reason for anyone to move forward in a legal situation without the advice or counsel of a law firm in the United States.

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