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Everything You Should Know About Hiring Auto Attorneys This Year

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Did you know that, in 2013, over 3,000 people were killed in auto crashes owing to distracted drivers? The statistics on driving safety can sometimes be sobering — even if the drivers are not. In fact, drunk driving ends up costing the U.S. about $200 billion every year. And that?s not even to mention the destruction it causes to many lives.

If you?re dealing with auto accident claims, you?ve likely had a taste of this. It can be difficult to know exactly when you should contact auto accident lawyers. However, in most cases the answer is ?now.? Here?s what you need to know.

Many People Don?t Know What Lawyers Actually Do

About 80% of people believe that advertising from personal injury lawyers encourages people to sue in these cases regardless of whether they?ve actually been hurt. This is not typical, though. Not only are time and expenses involved with filing a lawsuit, but the courts always require proof that an injury has actually occurred, and few doctors are willing to risk their reputation when there is no gain for them in lying.

Accident Claims Lawyers Should be Contacted Sooner Rather than Later

There?s a number of reasons you don?t want to wait to contact a lawyer — even though it will be tempting. After all, there?s no GUARANTEE the insurance company will try to fight you. However, when it comes to a lawyer, time is not usually on your side. A lawyer will pay investigators to find witnesses to your accident — this can be extremely important for your future trial but as more time passes, it becomes harder and harder to find someone.

When Do You Have to Pay?

Attorneys do have a reputation for being expensive, but as noted in the above paragraph, they do actually provide services that make it worth it. If you?re on the fence about the price of hiring a lawyer, though, keep in mind that in cases like this the lawyer usually works for a percentage of the final payout. That means that if you end up getting ZERO dollars from the insurance company, then your lawyer likely won?t be getting anything either. Because they receive a percentage of your winnings, this also incentivizes your lawyer to get you as much money as you?re possibly owed in the settlement since it means more for them.

Will you be hiring attorneys for your accident? Let us know.

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