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Danger Zones for Motorcyclists that Can End in Personal Injury Settlements

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This great wide world is full of possibilities for adventure and expression. However too many people who are careless with those opportunities can end up negatively affecting those around them, whether it was their intention to do so or not. The quest for adventure should not come at the expense of anyone’s health, wellbeing, or safety. This should be taken into account every time you get behind the wheel of a car, even when your urge to go for a high speed joy ride is nagging in your mind.

Personal injury settlements and the lawyers who can help

Unfortunately, there are far too many personal injury settlements that must be addressed as a result of vehicle collisions or incidents. In just one year, there were a total 21,132 known passenger vehicle occupants who were killed in traffic crashes, and around 2.05 million more were injured. Our species is incredibly advanced when it comes to technology and development, but with that capability and power must come a responsibility, that too many people disregard. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you should begin the process of a lawsuit sooner rather than later if at all possible, as there are statutes of limitations that restrict the amount of time a person has to file a civil lawsuit such as a personal injury claim. In some places that set time limit is one year.

Depending on the type of incident you or your loved one has been involved in, and the severity of the resulting injuries, it can seem like the last thing that you want to think about is heading to a law firm, but in the long run, it will likely be for the best, as these types of lawyers could end up reaching a settlement that could help pay for the medical bills and emotional trauma you have been subjected to. Many of these types of cases can be wrapped up quickly, or at least reach a conclusion before the need to take it to a court room. Around 95% to 96% of personal injury settlements are reached pretrial.

Personal injury settlements and motorcycle accidents

In just one year, there were around 8.4 million motorcycles traveling the roads. That same year, the people riding those motorcycles were about five times move likely to be injured in a crash than the occupants of passenger cars, per vehicle mile traveled. They were also around 26 times more likely to be killed in a crash. One could argue that their chosen mode of transportation is simply not as safe as a regular vehicle, but this is not the only factor at play, by far. Drivers of regular automobiles like cars and trucks are often not paying close enough attention to see when a motorcyclist is nearby. Many drivers are so comfortable to the point of complacency with their driving abilities that they only have a radar for other similar vehicles, not the much smaller motorcycle.

Sometimes it truly is an unavoidable accident. But if every driver rewired their driving habits to be constantly diligent and watchful for every possible movement on the road, crash rates would decrease significantly, and many motorcyclists could travel more freely and more safely.

We are a truly fascinating species, with capabilities so great and vast we have not yet discovered the grand extent of them. Yet if we do not start now to be responsible with the developments that we have already built, we will too soon see our decline. Take care of yourself and your fellow drivers on the road. Put down your phone. Hand over the keys if you’ve had something to drink. And remember that the posted speed limits are not mere suggestions. You could be responsible for saving a life today.

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