5 Actions to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Fatal crash data from 2016 indicates that motorcyclist fatalities took place 28 times more often than deaths in other types of vehicles. Serious motorcycle accidents occur every day, and it’s important to be aware of the steps you should follow if you’re involved in such an incident. From moving off the road and examining yourself for injuries to alerting the police and contacting a motorcycle injury attorney, you can protect yourself after an accident by knowing what to do.

Call Authorities and Check for Injuries

In the immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident, the top priority should be checking yourself and others involved for injuries as well as alerting the police and emergency management services. It’s imperative to have an official report that explains the nature of the accident if you want to avoid giving your insurance company any reason not to cover the damage or resulting costs. You can also better navigate the legal side of an accident by contacting a motorcycle injury attorney.

Move Away from the Road

Regardless of whether a motorcycle collision takes place on a quiet side road or a busy highway, one of the best ways to protect yourself from additional injury is by moving away from the street. Oncoming traffic can become unpredictable following an accident, and drivers may be distracted by what’s going on. Avoid further injury and damage while waiting for the police by distancing yourself and, if possible, your bike, from the road.

Collect Evidence

If it’s safe to do so and you don’t have serious injuries, take photos of the crash and get statements from witnesses. This information may be helpful later when you meet with a motorcycle injury attorney. You may be shaken up in the immediate aftermath of the accident, so it’s essential to document as much as possible to preserve the details for later when you’re thinking more clearly. You should also take the time to find out more about the other motorist’s insurance coverage if someone else was involved in the accident.

Contact a Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Though it’s important to let the authorities know what transpired, avoid admitting fault until you have spoken with a motorcycle injury attorney. Apologizing for your own potential errors or conceding you might have been at fault can be used against you by insurance companies. A motorcycle injury attorney can also help you seek out payment for additional damages or injury costs that may exceed your insurance coverage. It’s helpful to have an attorney on your side in the event that the other motorist claims you were at fault in the accident. Don’t take unnecessary chances by representing yourself when you can have an experienced attorney there to help navigate the legal process.

Speak to Your Insurance Carrier

Though you should contact your auto insurance provider following an accident, it’s best to wait until after you have been examined for possible injuries and given an official report by police. It’s also important to remember that insurance carriers may try to look for ways to get out of paying for motorcycle accident claims, so you’ll want to have a clear mind when you speak to them. Immediately after an accident may not be the best time. You should also seek counsel from a motorcycle injury attorney prior to calling your insurance provider.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists are much more vulnerable on the road than car passengers and drivers. In fact, they often face higher injury and death rates because they are more exposed in the event of a crash. For these reasons, it’s imperative to know what steps to take immediately after you’re involved in a motorcycle accident.

Follow these suggestions to take care of yourself, your property, and any insurance or legal issues that may arise in the event of a motorcycle crash. If you’ve been involved in an accident, you can find additional help and support by contacting a motorcycle injury attorney and exploring the options that are available.

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