Why You Should Hire a Military Divorce Attorney

Divorces are complicated no matter the situation, but when it’s a military divorce there tends to be some added complications. This is especially true when military housing is involved or when the non-military spouse is living far away from their original home. Not to mention the fact that custody agreements for a traveling soldier can be confusing. This is why it’s best to bring in military divorce attorneys on cases such as these. A regular family lawyer might be fine, but a lawyer who specializes in military situations can help to navigate special circumstances.

Custody Agreements

Arranging custody agreements when an active duty soldier is involved can get complicated. Due to the travel they do for their job and their risk of deployment, normal custody agreements usually won’t work. A military divorce attorney will be more used to navigating these situations and can help to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

Military Housing

When one spouse is not in the military but lives with their family on a military base, dividing assets is a little trickier. This is especially true when the non-military spouse moved far from home to live with their husband or wife. Marrying into the military often takes sacrifices that make divorce more difficult than it normally would be. This is why a specialized lawyer is often needed.


Military pensions are another factor to be considered during a divorce. There are specific laws that surround this situation, and your average family lawyer may not be as well versed in them. In order for the matter of pensions to be handled fairly and by law, a military lawyer will likely be needed. They will be experts on the matter and able to work out the issue with more ease.

Military divorces come with a lot of confusion and red tape. They aren’t like your average divorce in a variety of ways. Choosing a military divorce lawyer will make the whole process simpler and assure that everything is handled the way it should be. They know all about military laws and procedures and will be able to answer questions that a regular lawyer might not.

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