Why Do I Need a Construction Attorney For This Job?

The U.S. construction market was worth about $1,162 billion in 2016 and has grown since then. This industry does not always operate smoothly. Many construction companies have run into problems with the endless rules and regulation governing construction projects. When a construction company does have resistance it is time to seek out a construction attorney.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me With Construction Law Issues?

Some construction managers may find themselves asking, “when do I need a construction attorney?” It is recommended that companies be prepared for problems before they happen. Doing so can actually save the company some time. When a construction job is met with trouble from the law, all work stops. Having an attorney at the ready saves the company valuable work time.

When Do I Need a Construction Attorney?

Construction attorneys typically defend contractors from the law. This includes contractors who have problems getting paid, as well as fighting for safe working conditions. Other times a construction attorney is a good idea is when companies hit a roadblock surrounding an unforeseen rule or regulation relating to the job. The answer to the question, “when do I need a construction attorney,” is whenever a worker in the construction business runs into trouble with the law. It’s fairly simple and effective.

What Areas of the Law Does a Construction Lawyer Oversee?

Construction law covers a wide variety of topics. These include:


    -Dispute Resolution

    -Property Law

    -Occupational Safety

    -Workers’ Compensation


    -Employment Law

    -Planning and Approvals

    -Contract Law

“When do I need a construction attorney?” Whenever you have an issue with one of the above areas of the law. The American Arbitration Association found that the average time to wrap up a case was less than eight months in some cases. Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, is preferred to settle cases instead of going straight to litigation.

How Can a Company Choose a Great Construction Attorney?

A good construction attorney is much like any other good attorney. A construction attorney is skilled in a wide area of the law that relates to all areas of building regulations. Their focus is on practical matters. The goal is to wrap up your case quickly so that your company can get back to building.

A skilled attorney will exude knowledge about your company’s particular area of building, or your case’s specific problem. Their communication, whether over the phone or through email, needs to be prompt. Namely, do you trust this attorney to argue on your behalf?

You might need a construction attorney if you work in construction. The law is immense. Property law is complicated. To save yourself some trouble, it can be a good idea to form a professional partnership with a trusted construction attorney before you need them for a case. Doing so ensures that you are doing everything you can right from the start. Should you run into legal troubles, you’ll be prepared.

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