What to Look for When Hiring a Civil Rights Attorney

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Has something happened in your life where you think your civil right have been infringed upon? There are a number of reasons people seek out help and advice from a civil rights attorney, from experiencing police misconduct or brutality to dealing with discrimination in the workplace.

When you go in to see a civil rights attorney, they can evaluate your situation and let you know if you have a case for a lawsuit. Unfortunately, many people who have had their civil rights violated do not realize they can do something to stand up for themselves and prevent anyone else from going through what they went through. Here are some examples of civil rights violations:

  • Being discriminated against at work or in finding housing because of your gender, race, religion, disability or country or origin.There are some areas where people can also not be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation but that is not included in any federal protections.
  • Unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement. Just because a law enforcement agency has asked to see something does not mean you have to show it to them.
  • Cruel and unusual punishment. The United States Constitution’s Eighth Amendment protects you from cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Abuse by any public official.

If you have experienced any of those things, you may want to hire a civil rights lawyer. Here are some tips to finding the right one for you and your situation.

Talk to a civil rights organization. When you feel your civil rights have been violated, you can talk to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) or the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). These organizations may take on your case if it is very compelling or point you in the right direction to find a good civil rights attorney to help you with your case.

Talk to your friends and family. Do you know any lawyers? Anyone at all who works in the legal profession? If you do, you should ask them for any personal recommendations. Civil rights law is one of the more specialized areas. Getting personal recommendations for this is the best way to find a good lawyer for your case.

Start the ball rolling sooner than later. There are statutes of limitations on lawsuits for violations of civil rights law so you need to get to a civil rights attorney as soon as you think you have been the victim of a civl rights violation.

Take advantage of the free consultation. Law firms offer free first consultations to potential clients. Use this time to get to know several law firms. What you need to do is get yourself very organized. Write up a list of your questions, goals and an account of what happened to you that makes you think your civil rights were violated. You need to have a clear idea of your goals with your lawsuit. Another way to evaluate lawyers is to go see them in action in court. Take your time with this step and it can make a difference.

Ask about the civil rights attorney about their track record. What is their experience with cases like yours? You want to find a civil rights attorney who is experienced in the kind of violation that you experienced. You should also be looking for a lawyer who really thinks they will win. If you go with an attorney who is really good at finding and taking only real, viable cases, you will be in a much better position for your case.

There are a lot of reasons people find themselves in civil court. Personal injury law is the cause of many law suits, most of these are settled out of court. Nearly 96% never get to the courtroom stage. Medical errors kill nearly 100,00 people every year, according to the Institute of Medicine.

If you feel that your civil rights have been violated or you need to bring up a personal injury lawsuit, you need the right lawyer. If a civil rights violation has been at the hands of law enforcement, you may need a police misconduct attorney. Do your research and you will find the right lawyer for your case.

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