What to Expect From Personal Injury Lawyers

Updated 05/18/22

Personal injuries occur when you least expect them. It can be at your friend’s home when you are invited to a party or even at the work premises. Regardless of the location, a personal injury law firm can help personal injury victims get the compensation they deserve. At times, the injury may be covered by bodily damage insurance but the insurance company denies you the claim. A lawyer who knows how to handle a personal injury case can be your best friend at a time like this. They can help you throughout the injury litigation process and ensure that you emerge successful at the end of the day.

Lucky enough, it is easy to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, ensure that you do background research before working with any professional in the field. Ask important questions like how long they have been in the business and whether they have successfully represented a similar case like yours in the past. It would also be helpful to go through past client reviews and see what they have to say about the lawyer.

Most drivers on American roads today are quite safe about how they drive, but there will always be drivers out there who are reckless or impaired. A drunk or distracted driver may hit a pedestrian or another car, and personal injuries are likely to follow. Should this happen, a victim can file personal injury claims and look up local personal injury law firms to find a car accident attorney. Meanwhile, construction workers are also known to file personal injury claims for work-based mishaps, and construction lawyers and personal injury lawyers alike can aid them during litigation to get compensation. So, how might a car accident lawsuit case proceed, and what are some common hazards of a construction zone?

Personal Injury Claims: the Road

Some drivers are intoxicated, and it is a serious offense to drive drunk. Legally speaking, a person is committing a DUI (driving under the influence) if their blood alcohol content, or BAC, is 0.08% or higher. Some states might have even lower thresholds than that. A drunk driver has impaired coordination, reflexes, and judgment, making them erratic and sloppy on the road, and they often speed or rush through stop signs or red lights. Such a driver is likely to hit another car or a pedestrian, or hit a piece of property. Injuries and even death may follow. And other drivers are distracted with handheld electronics such as cell phones, and will notice other cars or pedestrians too late to avoid them. Lastly, bad weather might cause an accident, such as a car sliding out of control on ice and hitting another party.

When someone gets injured through an auto accident, they are strongly urged to enlist the aid of an auto accident attorney, who will know how to use the law to build a solid case and seek settlement money. After all, a lawyer will have a clear and objective view of the case, unlike their emotionally charged client, and they also know how to handle complications during litigation or court. For example, the at-fault party’s insurance company might act in bad faith, or try to stonewall the other party, and a victim acting alone may be stymied. But a lawyer will most likely know what to do. And if the case is complex, such as ones with multiple parties, a lawyer can handle the assignment of blame and settlement money among the many parties. Lastly, take note that an attorney can calculate the financial impact that car accident had on their client, such as their medical bills and work time that they missed. If the victim’s injuries will prevent them from performing paying work anytime in the future, their lawyer can factor that in, too. This would be difficult for a lone victim to calculate for their case.

Personal Injury Claims: the Workplace

Meanwhile, many physical manual labor jobs involve hazardous work environments, such as a construction zone or a factory. Sometimes, even office workers may suffer injuries, such as shocking themselves on faulty electrical cords or wires, or if they slip atop a staircase and fall down. And of course, a construction zone is filled with hazards, from airborne silicate particles and noxious fumes to extreme heat or heavy machinery. A worker might get their arm or leg trapped in a machine or crushed under something heavy, or they may slip and fall from a height in the partially finished structure and land on a hard surface. Many construction workers suffer lung disease, and they might burn themselves on a blow torch or suffer heat stroke in summer.

Should an injury occur, the injured party may consult not only their company’s construction lawyer, but also reach out to local personal injury law firms or workplace law firms for help, and pursue litigation against any perceived at-fault party. The other companies involved in the project will likely have their own lawyers, and all the lawyers involved will do whatever they can to resolve the case quickly and smoothly. This might even involve a temporary suspension of construction activities, so the hazard can be evaluated to prevent further injuries. In extreme cases, if too many injuries are taking place during a project, a lawyer might fill out paperwork to terminate the entire project.

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